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Honor guard recruits first girl

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By Edie Scott

Honor guard is known for running the flags down the football field after every touchdown. They also make a lot of noise, perform pushups in the end zones and hype the crowd. This year, the squad has a new addition, and for the first time in Guyer history, it’s a girl.

Senior Kayley Eidson has dreamed of being a part of honor guard for four years. When she found out she made the squad from honor guard sponsor Chief Master Sgt. Chris Davis, she was overjoyed.

“I was so happy,” Eidson said. “I’ve wanted to join since I went to my first varsity football game freshman year, so it was really awesome to finally be able to do it.”

When Eidson asked Davis about joining honor guard, he knew she’d make a great addition. However, he was a little nervous at first about the squad’s reaction to having a girl for the first time.

“I knew Kayley would do as much as possible for the team and that she’d be good at whatever she did,” Davis said. “I was worried about how the guys would react since they’d never had a girl around in this situation, but they’ve all taken it really well and have been very accepting of her.”

Eidson also was a little worried about being the first honor guard girl, but is remaining positive about the situation.

“People will always believe it’s a guy thing, but they’ll get over it eventually,” she said. “I know almost all of the guys on honor guard, so that made joining a little easier. I knew they wouldn’t ridicule me or do anything ridiculous like that.”

Eidson’s boyfriend, senior John Gilbert, is proud of his girlfriend’s accomplishment and is not surprised she is breaking social standards.

“Kayley is always messing with the norm in one way or another, but that’s the reason I love her so much,” Gilbert said. “She’s not afraid to do what she wants, and she’s not afraid to be who she is. She’s the type of person that you just know is going to do extraordinary things.”

Fellow squad member and senior Hector Hernandez said having girls on the squad is a step in the right direction.

“Honestly, it doesn’t bother me at all that Kayley’s joining. I actually like [the idea] because why should it be a ‘guys only’ thing?” Hernandez said. “Kayley has a lot of school spirit and support for our football team, and wants to be there to cheer them on towards victory. She’ll be a great addition to the squad.”

EDIE SCOTT is a senior at Guyer High School and a participant in the Denton Record-Chronicle’s “Speak Out Loud” program for student journalists.