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Pilot Point explores funding for street repair

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By John D. Harden

PILOT POINT — City officials have compiled a list of about 15 roads to repair in the near future, and discussions have taken place to either seek to strike a deal with Denton County for assistance or hire a private contractor.

City officials plan to repair all 15 roads in 2014 as resources allow, and officials said the identified roads are in “deteriorating condition, needing major repair work.”

City Manager Tom Adams said the roads were identified earlier this year during a survey of streets that need the most attention.

Last fiscal year, the city completed work on about 7.2 miles or 25 percent of the city’s roads with allocated funds and from the city’s 2013 capital improvement program.

According to staff members, the city has caught up on a lot of street maintenance work and most of the work has consisted of leveling the streets with hot mix and then adding chip seal over the work.

The total cost with engineering included was about $311,000. Of the total $304,000 for actual project costs, the county will reimburse the city up to $300,000.

This year, the city plans to repair a little more than two miles of roads.

Now that the 2013 project is complete and the reimbursement funds have been requested, the city can ask the county to consider entering into a contract for 2014.

Adams said the city will do as much work as it can on the listed streets and any work not completed in 2014 will be a priority for 2015.

“The goal was to make the funds go as far as we possibly can with maintenance work,” he said.

Adams said the county will only charge for materials, so the amount available should be close to enough to complete most of the listed streets.

If there is not enough funding, streets with the highest need for maintenance will be completed first, he said.

In other business, the city is also considering options to assist in the collection of about 660 outstanding warrants.

The total dollar amount of outstanding warrants as of October 2013 is $336,492.35, and some of the warrants date back to 2007, according to city records.

The city has contracted with the state and Denton County on two programs, but while both of the programs have benefited the city, they can take time to help with collections, officials say.

Court staff is also taking extra steps beyond normal protocol to collect on warrants, which includes sending letters to defendants and making sure that each defendant receives a minimum of one call after the warrant has been issued, according to a staff report.

It has been recommended by staff that the city purge the 2007 and 2008 warrants that are considered uncollectable, which would eliminate about $61,140 in outstanding warrants.

The city will also advertise a list of names of people who have active warrants in the area.

The council also discussed the annual Christmas on the Square event, which is scheduled for 6 to 9 p.m. Dec. 7.

Officials extended the event by an additional hour this year to allow for more people to attend.

Organizers said the event will again be a fundraiser to help Pilot Point Middle School cover costs for students’ Washington, D.C., trip.

City officials also discussed 2014 goals for the library.

Some of the goals include increasing library usage and program attendance by 10 percent to 15 percent using library promotions and by adding document scanning services for public use.

The library also added a Christmas craft program and three additional movie matinees in the summer for a total of seven new events scheduled for the year.