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Sanger schools OK new background check criteria

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By Britney Tabor

SANGER — The Sanger school board this week adopted new criteria for criminal background checks for job applicants, volunteers, student teachers and anyone else who interacts regularly with students, a move members say will add consistency to the district’s policy.

In a unanimous vote Monday, trustees approved the criteria, which include:

• No sexual convictions.

• No convictions involving minors.

• No driving while intoxicated convictions for employees operating district vehicles.

• No Class A misdemeanor convictions within the last eight years.

• No Class B misdemeanor convictions within the last four years.

• No Class C misdemeanor convictions within the last six months.

No review of felony convictions within the last 12 years; only felony convictions 12 years or older are eligible for review at the request of the individual

The criteria was recommended “to clearly articulate the regulations and guidelines” for placing people in the district, said Rhonda Bilbrey, assistant superintendent for educational services.

“It will be used for placement of student teachers, approval of volunteers, substitutes and full-time employees,” she said. “It would be fair and consistent with any other individual that wanted to interact with students.”

Before, criminal history assessments were generally done on an individual basis, Bilbrey said.

According to the school board policy, which was updated May 22, the district assesses criminal history when determining an individual’s employment eligibility, and considers factors that include the nature of an offense; the person’s age when the offense was committed; the adjudication of the offense; and the nature and responsibilities of the job the individual is seeking.

According to the recommendation approved by the board Monday, “some offenses are reviewable while other offenses are nonreviewable. The superintendent reserves the right to approve or deny any applicant.”

Neither Superintendent Kent Crutsinger nor board President Ken Scribner could be reached for comment about the new requirements.

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