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Businesses may feel pinch of lost revenues

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

The unseasonable winter storm may have put a squeeze on holiday shopping this year for local businesses.

With Christmas only two weeks away, the icy roads that forced businesses to close for several days could cut into the revenues that many local businesses see this time of year.

The weekends leading up to Christmas are generally some of the busiest of the year, said Aimee Bissett, Denton’s economic development director.

“Weekends are big shopping days,” Bissett said Monday. “I’m sure this will have some effect on holiday shopping and local businesses.”

Bissett said it’s difficult to determine how much revenue may have been lost this past weekend, but she expects that it will slowly be recovered in the coming days.

“There are no plans to analyze the loss because there’s not much you can really learn from it,” she said. “It all comes down to how you plan on recovering.”

She said she anticipates that shoppers will make up for lost time once the roads improve.

Retailers may still feel a pinch. With only two weekends left to make up for lost ground, it doesn’t leave much time for shoppers to complete their holiday shopping.

But according to the National Retail Federation, retailers are expected to see a boost in online sales this year, which could offset any potential revenue loss from the icy weather.

Many businesses in Denton County and across the region are expected to return to their normal business hours today, although some had scheduled delayed openings.

With temperatures rising above freezing on Wednesday, National Weather Service meteorologist predict clearer and safer roads heading into the weekend.

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