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State reprimands Bartonville doctor

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By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

A Bartonville doctor has been disciplined by the Texas Medical Board for sexual contact with some of his patients.

Daniel Scott Forrer signed an agreed order, approved in Austin earlier this month, which included a public reprimand and outlined the inappropriate conduct that included an incident dating back to 1992.

Forrer reported to the board that he had sexual relations with a patient that year, according to state records. He also reported inappropriate contact, although less extensive, with four other patients in 2011 and 2012. Forrer has held a Texas medical license since 1991. This is the first time he has been disciplined by the board.

Forrer declined to comment.

The order includes a $1,000 fine and five-year plan supervising his medical practice. The order provides for notification to other medical facilities where Forrer holds, or applies for, privileges. Under the order, Forrer has also agreed to continue the use of a chaperone with all female patients and mothers of pediatric patients.

The order included an acknowledgement that Forrer had already completed a 90-day treatment for sex addiction at the Sante Center for Healing in Argyle and followed the center’s recommendations after he was discharged. Forrer must continue to submit to psychiatric care with weekly appointments, with the treating psychiatrist providing periodic reports to the board, according to the agreed order. He must also participate in Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings at least twice a week, or alternatively, one meeting per week combined with one meeting of Cadeceus per week.

Forrer must also participate in continuing education classes and pass a medical jurisprudence exam within one year, records showed.