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Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Resolve for the new year

New Year’s resolutions are not something I like making, but my husband insists we do it.

“Why?” I asked. “We only break them.”

“Yes,” my husband argued, “but it’s good for your brain.”

“How do you figure that? Three years ago I said I would make your favorite desserts twice a week and now it’s only once in a while.”

“But you thought about it,” he grinned.

“Thinking about it and doing it are two different things — what about the Man Cave? Years ago you said you would keep it organized. Have you walked in it lately?”

“If you’re referring to the room off the carport, it’s been recycled so many times it is hard to keep organized. First, it was your book room and after a publisher bought your books and published the others, it became my tool room with shelves and …”

“Loaded with old tools that were your great-grandfather’s, grandfather, father, and now that your tools are added to the collection they are scattered all over the shelves.”

“Those are good tools and I have everything where I can find it.”

“Sure,” I laughed. “Last week you brought in a pair of channel lock pliers, shouting, ‘I’ve been looking for these for years.’”

“Yes, but that’s after my tool room became a cat house. You were the one who fed chicken to the neighbor’s barn cat, and she’s never left.”

“Well, after you gave ‘Click’ a food bowl, water bowl, and installed a doggie door, she brought in her brother, ‘Clack.’ Now we have Click and Clack.”

“I guess neither one of us can be accused of inviting those raccoons,” he said. “When I saw one coming out of the doggie door, and found three more inside, it was a real shock.”

“You sealed up the doggie door, but it has been two years since you resolved to put together all those metal parts you have scattered around on card tables.”

“Yes, and I’ve used a lot of brain power designing ways to fix them. That’s why making a New Year’s resolution is good for your brain.”

“How is that?” I asked.

“It gives you a lot to think about.”

Ongoing events

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The Argyle Lions Club will meet at noon Tuesday at the Town Hall Community Room.

LYNN SHEFFIELD SIMMONS is founder and past president of the North Texas Book Festival Inc. She is the author of nine children’s books and two history books on Argyle. She can be reached at Her website is