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John D. Harden

Developers target Corinth

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

CORINTH — Commercial developers in Corinth appear to be making strides to bring new developments into the city limits, but officials say it’s probable construction on the developments won’t begin until scheduled roadway projects are completed.

City officials are anticipating the expansion and extension of two major roadways, FM2181 and FM2499, which will coincide with the expansion of Interstate 35E. Once construction is complete, officials hope it will create an attractive commercial corridor that will lure developers.

Recently, developers within Corinth have requested zoning changes to various commercial zones to make the area more marketable, city planning and development director Fred Gibbs said.

“It’s a pretty common thing that happens as developers anticipate an area to grow,” he said.

One of the most recent projects that was brought before the council included a development known as the Teasley Crossing Addition, located in the southwestern section of the city on property owned by Stacy Standridge.

The development is expected to jump-start business development within the corridor by using a grocery store as the anchor.

Teasley Crossing could also include a gas station and car wash, but many details about the development weren’t available because discussions about how to move forward are still taking place.

“It’s still too early to tell what the developer is looking to do,” Gibbs said. “Everyone is waiting on [the Texas Department of Transportation.]”

Officials say there’s not a set timeline for the project’s completion, but City Manager Rick Chaffin said he believes the developers are shooting to have the project completed alongside the FM2499 extension project.

Denton County Commissioner Hugh Coleman expressed his support through a letter, saying the proposed development will provide the growth the county needs by providing community growth and creating jobs, he said.

Major road construction for FM2181, FM2499 and I-35E is expected to begin this summer or fall, Public Works Director Justin Brown said.

The I-35E expansion is expected to take two to three years. Phases 1 and 2 of the construction will include the areas between U.S. Highway 380 and Interstate 635 in Dallas County.

The first phase will rebuild the interstate from U.S. 380, just north of the I-35E and I-35W exchange, in Denton to Corinth.

Approximately $1.4 billion in funding has been identified for Phase 1, which includes State Highway 121 regional toll revenue funds dedicated to Denton County. Phase 2 of the project will occur when additional funding becomes available.

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