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John D. Harden

Road repairs to continue in Pilot Point this summer

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

PILOT POINT — City officials in Pilot Point are continuing their aggressive road repairs this summer, and have already targeted 30 roads in poor or deteriorating conditions that are scheduled to be repaired in the 2015 fiscal year beginning this fall.

The roads to be repaired are scattered throughout the city and officials hope the county will chip in sometime this year and provide additional manpower, but the county’s work crew availability may not match up with the proposed work schedule that city officials let out for the summer.

The county usually tries to contribute work to projects in area cities during late August or early September if it has the time, City Manager Tom Adams said.

However, Adams said city staff members plan to hire a private contractor in early summer for 2014 fiscal year street maintenance projects. If the county can help late in 2014, the city will start early on the 2015 street maintenance projects.

This allows the city to take advantage of county assistance if it is available, and still proceed with a private contractor for the street maintenance projects if the county is not available to assist, Adams said.

Under this strategy, the 2015 project could be completed early into the 2015 fiscal year.

“We have to wait and see what happens,” Adams said.

Adams said assistance from the county will help the city stretch its funds because the county provides equipment and manpower, while the city pays for the rock for the chip seal and the asphalt, he said.

This fiscal year, the city plans to repair a little more than two miles of roads, and next year the city has identified about 30 roads in need of repair. The total length of roads needing repair in 2015 is just less than 5 miles.

The condition of the city roads is a touchy issue in Pilot Point, according to officials.

Some road maintenance was completed in 2013, but not everyone was satisfied with the outcome.

“We don’t need to be talking about the street in 2015 if we can’t even handle the streets we did in 2013. We need to get those in order first,” Mayor Pete Hollar said.

Hollar said a few residents have come to him and complained about the roads that were recently repaired and repaved.

A few council members referred to the work done last year as a “mess,” blaming it on the time of year that the road repairs began, which they say led to insufficient curing or settling of the road materials.

Adams told the council last week that it’s possible that those issues will also be addressed this summer, but streets with the highest need for maintenance will be completed first.

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