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Courtesy photo - Corinth Police Department

Police warn parents about drug-laced items

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By Megan Gray / Staff Writer

The Corinth Police Department is urging parents to be aware of a possible new trend in illegal drug sales after recently confiscating a small batch of drug-laced candy and soda.

Police spokesman Lt. Jimmie Gregg said the items appear to be large gummy bears, candy bars, hard candies and even soda pop that all contain tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, which is the main active chemical compound found in marijuana.

He said the department only confiscated a small batch earlier this week, but officers are already looking into what might be a new trend of concern for law enforcement in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“These items came from Colorado where it’s legal, but once it crosses state lines, these items are illegal,” he said Friday.

Gregg said officers have been sharing their findings with Denton County law enforcement agencies and so far, this seems to be an isolated incident.

“This new trend is going to be hard on police because this isn’t what we are typically looking for and brings law enforcement another issue to deal with,” he said.

Gregg said that while no schools in the area have had issues with the drug-laced candies yet, it’s something parents and teachers need to keep an eye out for.

“If a 2- or even 4-year-old gets a hold of a large gummy bear laced with THC, it’s a very potent chemical that could cause harm,” he said.

Additional information about the isolated incident is not being released while officials are conducting a thorough investigation.

“Right now, we need to let this serve as a public service announcement so everyone will be on the lookout,” he said.

Anyone who has information or questions about the drug-laced items may contact the police at 940-498-2017.

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