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Water supplier agrees to pay $1,052 penalty

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By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

The water supplier for a small neighborhood between Oak Point and Little Elm faced enforcement action from state environmental officials Wednesday.

Community Water Supply, the operator of a small public water system for the Rocky Point community, has agreed to pay a $1,052 penalty in installments and take corrective action, part of an agreed order approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality during its regular meeting in Austin.

In July 2013, state inspectors cited the water supplier for six violations of state rules related to failing to test for contaminants — including the E. coli bacteria, nitrates, and certain minerals, metals, chemicals and volatile organics — and mailing the results to the state. The water supplier was also cited for failing to mail its annual consumer confidence report to its customers, a federal requirement. The agreed order included a number of corrective steps that the water supplier must take, some within the next 10 to 30 days and others within the next six weeks to six months, according to state records.

Bonnie Frame, of Mesquite-based Community Water Supply, said even though the violations were written for tests that weren’t done, they were.

“The lab just didn’t mail them,” Frame said. “I’ve had to show them, prove to them, that it’s all been done.”

In all, commissioners approved $386,735 in penalties against 83 regulated entities in Austin on Wednesday.