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Election turnout steady

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By Dianna Hunt

Voting was going smoothly across Denton County for the primary elections today, as the region avoided the nasty weather that created problems for elections in Central and South Texas.

“We’re glad Mother Nature stayed south,” Denton County Republican Party chairman Dianne Edmondson said today. “We’re just grateful that the weather that hit Central Texas didn’t hit us.”

Edmondson said turnout at the GOP polling places had not been as high as early voting might have suggested. GOP voters cast more early ballots this year than in 2012, when presidential candidates were on the ballot.

Typically, about 40 percent of votes cast in an election are cast during early voting. Edmondson said that percentage could be higher this year.

“It seems like most of our people might have voted early,” she said.

The heaviest part of the day, however, is usually after 5 p.m. when people get off work.

Democrats reported that they had had problems with voters being directed to the wrong polling place after inadvertently showing up at Republican voting locations.

Denton County Democratic Party Executive Director Mary Infante said several voters at several locations were misdirected, but eventually found their way to the correct location.

Voting otherwise had been uneventful, with steady turnout, she said.

Local Democratic Party Chairman Phyllis Wolper was out of pocket on election day after being taken to the hospital early this morning with hip pain. She did not have a broken bone and was sent home, Infante said.