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Fire chief announces retirement

Profile image for By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe and John D. Harden
By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe and John D. Harden

Chadwick to step down in June after 18 years in Denton

Denton Fire Chief Ross Chadwick has announced his retirement after more than 43 years in fire service.

His retirement will be effective June 6.

Chadwick started his fire service career in Southern California and rose through the ranks from firefighter to fire chief.

After 25 years in California, including 12 years as a chief, he left to become the fire chief in Denton, where he has served for more than 18 years. Chadwick holds degrees in fire science and public administration and a master’s in public administration.

Chadwick said he was excited at first to retire, because retirement will leave him more time to write and work for a consulting firm.

But as the final day comes closer, he said he is a little conflicted. He’s been in firefighting for 43 years and stayed at the helm in Denton longer than he originally planned.

“I’ve been struggling with this decision,” Chadwick said Tuesday. “I really don’t want to leave, but I know it’s time.”

He plans more typical retirement pursuits, too, including fly-fishing and hiking. In April, he will hike the Grand Canyon with his daughters, both in their 20s.

Chadwick is known for mentoring leaders, especially on strategies to help leaders survive a crisis. He’s also the author of Mayday, I’m Fallen: Survival Strategies for Christians, published by Tate Publishing.

He announced the retirement publicly Monday on Facebook.

“God in His grace and mercy has blessed me and my family, and I’m looking forward to what He has in mind for Part 2,” he said in his Facebook post.

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