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Water damage

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

Sanger Public Library closes after sprinkler line freezes, bursts and causes flooding

SANGER — The silence inside the Sanger Public Library this week was replaced with the sounds of rumbling floor dryers and a work crew removing carpet that was damaged by a fire sprinkler line that flooded the library Monday.

The surprising freezing temperatures that sent temperatures plunging to 12 degrees overnight into Monday caused water in the library’s sprinkler line to freeze and burst, damaging the system.

“And when the ice thawed, the water flooded the library,” City Manager Mike Brice said.

Patrons were greeted with a “Library is Closed” sign as they drove into the parking lot this week. The closing also forced the rescheduling of various activities and book club meetings.

Brice said he doesn’t have an estimate as to when the library will reopen, but he’s hoping it will be soon. Until then, library officials said fines will be waived for the days it is closed.

“We’re in the process of trying to set up a place where people can drop off their books in the meantime,” Brice said. “We’re hoping to have something set up by Monday.”

Crews were still drying the building Wednesday. Several items such as books and decorative items that were soaked were placed outside to speed up the drying process.

Most of the damage was to the library’s ceiling and the carpet. Some children’s books were also damaged and possibly a few computers, Brice said.

Damage estimates are still unknown, but Brice said the city should learn how much repairs will cost soon. However, according to library officials, the damage caused by the flood was sizable.

Residents are encouraged to follow the Sanger Public Library’s Facebook page for additional updates on when the building will reopen. Library officials can also be reached by calling 940-458-3257 or e-mail at

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