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Denton resident earns rank of 49 on pi list

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By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

It’s official.

Denton resident May Beth Everett now ranks 49th in the United States and 118th in the world on the Pi World Ranking List.

The Denton library assistant took a little less than 15 minutes to count aloud and write out 514 digits of the irrational number on March 14, known each year as Pi Day.

The never-ending number represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and is often rounded to 3.14.

Everett and the three co-workers at the Denton library who witnessed her work submitted it to the ranking list for consideration. The list is available online at

Everett is continuing to work toward her goal to recite pi to 1,010 digits, which grew from a goal to memorize the first 100 digits by her 54th birthday. Worldwide, about 80 people have memorized pi to 1,000 digits or more. Chao Lu of China holds the world record, having memorized pi to 67,890 digits.

Several other Americans celebrated Pi Day this year by reciting enough numbers to make it onto the worldwide list, including Sean Kumar, who ranks 30th after listing 1,000 digits in 8 minutes. Six-year-old Adriana Martin recited 603 digits on Pi Day, too, and ranks 44th in the U.S.

Everett said she hopes to have lots of kids at the library going for a ranking of their own on “Super Pi Day” next year — which, as 3-14-15, lines up as the first five digits of pi.

To get started, Everett plans a Number Ninja math game program for first- through fourth-graders this summer.

“I hope to start a math club for sixth- to eighth-graders this fall,” Everett said.

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