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Four face off for Place 1 seat in Krum

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By Jenna Duncan

Three open City Council seats in Krum will technically be contested in the upcoming May 10 election, but with two candidates not actively campaigning, Place 1 is the biggest race.

Both Jeremiah Hale and Cody Carter, candidates running for Places 3 and 5, respectively, work for the Texas Department of Public Safety and said they didn’t realize it conflicted with their jobs when they filed for the positions. Both will be on the ballot, but they said they would not actively campaign and would resign if elected.

With those two symbolically out of the race, that leaves Justin Diviney, a utilities manager, running unchallenged for Place 3 and incumbent Christina Rodriguez running unchallenged for Place 5. Place 3 incumbent Bert Witherspoon is not seeking re-election.

Place 1 incumbent Paul Meine is facing three opponents: Nick Vincent, Canda Ponthieu-Doyle and Travis Giguere.

Early voting is ongoing and runs through May 6. The election is Saturday, May 10.

Place 1

Meine, 81, who is retired, has been in the Place 1 council seat for five years and said he wants to continue the work he has started on several projects. Currently, Krum is in the process of getting a new sewer treatment plant and recently had a bond election to finance a new fire department building.

He said he feels a civic duty to his community and has always felt it is important to be active in local government.

“I had a lot of thoughts [about running], but primarily I want to continue to serve Krum on the council because there’s a lot of unfinished projects I’d like to see through,” he said. “I got really involved, and I want to support the fire and police departments more strongly because they’re doing a great job, and I’d like to see them rewarded a little better.”

Vincent, 30, a financial administrator with the city of Denton, said he wants to help the city continue to complete its planned projects without overspending.

“I’m experienced in municipal finance, and I want to see the city continue to finance for continuous future growth,” he said. “I’ve been a lifelong resident of Krum, and I value the community’s concerns and objectives.”

Ponthieu-Doyle, 31, a social worker, said she wants to help serve the city and facilitate better communication between residents and council members. Of particular concern for her are the rules and regulations for holding garage sales in city limits, she said.

“In order to make this something beneficial to all, I think it should be free to have a garage sale and the amount per year should be monitored,” she said. “I think getting a permit is reasonable to ask, but should be free of charge.”

Giguere, 44, a patrol deputy for the Denton County Sheriff’s Office, did not return calls for comment on the race.

Place 3

Diviney, 39, a utilities manager who is running for Place 3 on the council, echoed Ponthieu-Doyle’s commitment to better communication. As an active father who is out in the community a lot, he said he has heard concerns from residents that they do not know what is happening in the city.

“I understand what it takes to communicate well, and what the council is responsible for,” he said.

Place 5

Rodriguez, 55, the incumbent for Place 5, wants to see the projects she has worked on through to completion, and to continue working to improve public infrastructure. As a financial services manager for the city of Corinth, she said her work experience helps her in this role.

“It gives me an opportunity to see Krum grow in a positive direction,” she said. “I work for a city, and have worked in city government for the last 20 years, so it gives me an opportunity to give back to my community and help them with the knowledge I’ve gained through work, and be able to use it in Krum.”

JENNA DUNCAN can be reached at 940-566-6889 and via Twitter at @JennaFDuncan.