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Blotter: Man arrested for violating protective order

Violating an order of protection landed one man in jail late Saturday, according to a police report.

Denton police officers responded to a call in the 2000 block of Del Mar Court from a woman who said her husband came to her home and got inside in spite of an order of protection against him.

She reported that she was at home taking a bath when her husband walked into the bathroom and said he was there to get church clothes.

The woman told officers that she began yelling at him and told him to leave.

The husband said he was able to get in the home despite her changing locks and reprogramming the keypad entry for the garage. He said the garage door frequency was programmed in his car and he got in that way.

The man left and was believed to have gone to his brother’s house. He kept calling and sending text messages to the woman, which she showed an officer to confirm her story.

The officer saw that the man had sent the text message “call me” to the woman approximately 15 times Saturday. He also called the woman’s phone approximately 10 times while the officer was there.

The officer had the woman answer one of the calls on speaker phone, and during the conversation, the man admitted that he had been over at the house, not knowing the officer was listening to the phone call.

The officer went to the brother’s house and found the man, who admitted calling and texting the woman but denied going over to the residence because he knew that would be a violation of the protective order. He reported that he was contacting her to get bills he needed to pay. The officer arrested the man and transported him to the Denton city jail.

Other reports

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— Bj Lewis