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Police capture elusive suspect

Profile image for By Megan Gray-Hatfield / Staff Writer
By Megan Gray-Hatfield / Staff Writer

A 22-year-old Lewisville man has been arrested in connection with 15 crimes in southern Denton County, law enforcement officials said.

Lt. Scott Haynes of the Lewisville police Criminal Investigation Division said Charles Ray Jr. was found sleeping in a parked vehicle by an investigator and off-duty officer for the Denton County District Attorney’s Office the morning of June 18 at Lakepointe Residences on Lakepointe Drive in Lewsiville.

“He [the off-duty officer] had no idea what he was wanted for, but called police and turned him in because the parked vehicle with the man asleep inside looked suspicious and out of place,” Haynes said Friday. “The officer probably would’ve never guessed he was assisting in the capture of someone with a history of 15 area offenses.”

Ray has been charged in eight aggravated robberies, one robbery and one theft, all in southern Lewisville near Hebron Parkway.

Haynes said police have been searching for the suspect in the cases since April.

“He fled on foot two different times from us — even crossing a freeway,” Haynes said. “One of those times he was fleeing from some patrolmen that were stationed at a Valero awaiting his next hit.”

According to an arrest affidavit, investigators reported that in the majority of the crimes, the assailant wore white Nike high-top shoes, blue and white gloves and a blue bandanna, while carrying a backpack and using the same gun.

When a Lewisville police officer responded to the suspicious activity call the morning of the arrest, Ray was discovered to have outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants on charges of disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to police. The officer also called Lewisville Detective Scott Kelly, who had been investigating the string of area robberies.

Ray matched the description of their suspect who had committed 10 offenses in Lewisville and five offenses in Carrollton from April 7 to June 10, police said. In addition, items were found in Ray’s vehicle that were linked to the offenses, including a BB gun with the words “Smith & Wesson 645” stamped on it, according to arrest affidavits.

Haynes said the Carrollton Police Department was brought in for a joint interrogation with Ray.

“He was very cooperative the whole time and admitted to 10 offenses here and five in Carrollton,” Haynes said. “We don’t believe he is linked to any other crimes in the area.”

Police said that most of the aggravated robberies were at businesses, but individuals were the victims of two of the robberies. One robbery on May 21 resulted in injuries to the victim, Haynes said.

“He [Ray] was found in the area we had tracked him down to,” Haynes said. “Had the off-duty officer not called police, who knows how many more offenses would’ve occurred? ... All the teamwork from the investigators, to patrol officers, joint agency operations and beyond are appreciated. We are glad to get this guy off the streets.”

Carrollton charges are forthcoming, officials said.

Ray was being held in the Denton County Jail in lieu of $235,000 bond.

MEGAN GRAY-HATFIELD can be reached at 940-566-6885 and via Twitter at @MGrayNews.