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Tom Glass - Courtesy photo

Libertarian hopeful visits Denton

Profile image for By Scott K. Parks / Managing Editor
By Scott K. Parks / Managing Editor

Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party candidate for governor, brought her long-shot campaign to Denton on Friday and called for an end to creation of more toll roads in Texas.

“They are making us pay tolls on existing roads we already paid for as taxpayers and they are violating people’s property rights through eminent domain to build new ones,” Glass told the Denton Record-Chronicle during a brief interview. “It’s one of the ways the rich and powerful engage in cronyism. I’m against toll roads.”

Historically, a combination of the federal gasoline tax and state funding has financed highway construction and maintenance. Elected officials, however, have chosen not to increase the pay-at-the-pump gasoline tax or significantly increase Texas Department of Transportation funding. So, toll roads have proliferated in recent years as a funding source — particularly in North Texas.

Glass, 60, a Houston attorney, will appear on the November general election ballot along with Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis. Polls show Abbott as the frontrunner.

Glass previously ran unsuccessful campaigns for Texas attorney general in 1982 and for governor in 2010 — all as a Libertarian.

Many of Glass’ political positions and comments on issues sound similar to those of conservative Republicans. She said over-reaches by the federal government include Obamacare, National Security Agency spying on Americans, Bureau of Land Management programs on federal land and Environmental Protection Agency attempts to reduce carbon emissions. And she favors increased border security.

“I think my country is dying and we in Texas can try to stop it,” Glass said.

But Glass and other Libertarians — former Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, for example — also embrace the philosophy of limited government and personal freedom.

Asked her view on legalization of marijuana, she said, “Treat marijuana like beer.”

Glass has traveling in North Texas this past week with her husband, Tom Glass, who serves as her campaign manager. They have two grown children.

“I know this is a long shot,” she said, before heading off to shake hands on the downtown Square. “But I am willing to spend my time and money on this campaign.”