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Pharmacy and pharmacist have licenses suspended

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By Megan Gray-Hatfield

A Denton pharmacy had its license to operate suspended during a suspension hearing recently, Texas State Board of Pharmacy officials said Tuesday.

Megs Discount Pharmacy, along with its owner Susan Jenevive Megwa, have been under investigation by Denton police for more than two years. As a result of the investigation, the pharmacy license for Megs Discount Pharmacy and the pharmacist license for Susan Megwa, the sole pharmacist at Megs, were suspended by the state board’s disciplinary panel Friday.

Allison Benz, director of professional services for the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, said in an email Tuesday that the applications for temporary suspension were granted because the evidence and information reviewed indicated that the operation of Megs Discount Pharmacy, as well as the pharmacy practice of Megwa, posed a continuing threat to the public’s welfare.

The delivery of hydrocodone and alprazolam to an informant without prescriptions, non-therapeutic dispensing of hydrocodone to three patients and audit shortages of hydrocodone and alprazolam contributed to each of the 90-day license suspensions, Benz said.

Hydrocodone is a powerful painkiller, while alprazolam is a medication used to treat anxiety.

Megwa was first arrested and charged May 20 with three counts of diversion of controlled substances and one count of money laundering over $200,000.

On the same day, her husband, Eronini Megwa, a communications professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, was arrested on the UTA campus and charged with money laundering over $200,000, investigators said.

Eronini Megwa, who has been employed by the university since 2008, remains on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a university investigation into the criminal allegations he is facing, officials said last month.

In June, Susan Megwa was arrested again by Denton police, this time for allegedly selling 120 hydrocodone and 60 alprazolam pills without a prescription to an informant. She was charged with two counts of diversion of controlled substances at the pharmacy she has run since 2010 and posted $10,000 bail, police said.

According to the suspension order from the state pharmacy board, Susan Megwa failed to keep and maintain records of purchases and disposals of 24,068 hydrocodone pills from December 2012 through May 2014. In addition, 9,979 alprazolam pills also were not kept track of during the same time frame, records show.

The order states the board can take additional disciplinary action on any criminal action taken by the criminal justice system based on the same allegations listed in the temporary suspension order.

Officials said Susan Megwa is not allowed to be employed with access to pharmacy drugs and is not allowed to practice pharmacy in Texas. She must surrender any and all licenses, renewal certificates and personal identification cards pertaining to her license, the order shows.

Officer Ryan Grelle, spokesman for Denton police, said Tuesday that so far no additional charges have been filed related to the ongoing investigation.

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