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Investigation ends with firing of jailer

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By Megan Gray-Hatfield

A jailer with the Denton police department has been fired after an investigation determined that he used excessive force on an inmate.

Officer Ryan Grelle, spokesman for the department, said Darius Porter was fired Friday afternoon and the case was closed.

Porter, who had been with the department since 2012, was placed on administrative leave Monday after a police supervisor reported him for using excessive force on an inmate. Porter, according to a news release issued Friday, acted outside of department policy and accepted practice regarding the use of force against Jason Wayne Bishop, 38.

Bishop was taken to Denton Regional Medical Center in the early hours of July 19 and was treated for a facial contusion, a broken nose, an upper lip abrasion and wrist injuries. He received 17 stitches to his forehead and two to his nose, he said. He was released later that day.

The results of the investigation by Internal Affairs indicate that Bishop’s injuries resulted from the misapplication of a takedown technique known as a leg sweep, causing Bishop’s head to hit the floor of a jail cell, police said. No officers or jailers used any strikes, kicks, punches or weapons, Grelle said, citing jail video footage.

Bishop alleged that he was mishandled from the start when he was arrested on a complaint of public intoxication July 19 in the 100 block of Avenue A. He said during an interview Wednesday that Officer Clint Webb caused some of his injuries.

“Nobody else is being looked into,” Grelle said.

“If there was video of [Webb] mishandling him [Bishop], I would’ve been told,” he said. “The case is closed and findings have exonerated all other department employees, including [Webb].”

Officials said that the investigation found Bishop was uncooperative and became argumentative during the booking procedure when asked to submit to a property search. When Bishop refused to comply with verbal requests, he was escorted from the booking area to a detox cell where the incident took place, police said.

After hearing about the firing of Porter, Bishop replied, “That’s freaking wonderful.”

Bishop said he still plans to file a formal complaint with the department and is looking to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

“[These injuries were] not a result of routine procedure,” he said Friday.

“I know I was hit.”

Bishop has a long-standing criminal history with Denton police — charges and reports have been made against him since 2002, officials said.

“The Denton Police Department does not condone or tolerate the excessive use of force and all employees are expected to use only that force which is objectively reasonable in the course of affecting an arrest or handling an uncooperative person in custody,” according to a statement issued by Grelle.

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