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Board: Pharmacy must be shut down

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By Megan Gray-Hatfield

Police working on preparing case for DA

It’s been two weeks since the Texas State Board of Pharmacy enacted a temporary 90-day suspension of the licenses for Denton-based Megs Pharmacy and its owner and pharmacist Susan Megwa.

Kerstin Arnold, general counsel with the pharmacy board, said an informal disciplinary hearing Thursday recommended Megwa’s pharmacist license be suspended for a year and the business shut down.

“We know it’s closed now, but she needs to officially shut it down and notify us in writing that it is closed,” Arnold said Friday in a phone interview.

Denton police investigators have said the pharmacy was believed to be a drug hub for many Dallas-Fort Worth area residents, including doctors from south of Dallas.

Arnold said Megwa must present documentation of where all drugs she was responsible for were transferred to and where the records listing those prescriptions went by Aug. 5.

If the counsel does not hear back from Megwa or if she doesn’t agree with the recommendations, then a hearing at the state office will be held Sept. 16, officials said.

“The temporary suspension will still hold since we do have 90 days,” Arnold said. “Megwa is not to practice or have access to prescription medications, other than ones she might be prescribed by a doctor for an illness. That temporary order will hold until the final order is entered.”

The pharmacy board is the state agency responsible for the licensing, registration, regulation and discipline of Texas pharmacists and pharmacies.

On May 20, Megwa and her husband, Eronini Megwa, a communications professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, were charged in connection with money laundering stemming from the police department’s two-year investigation. In addition, Susan Megwa was charged with three counts of diversion, which means selling narcotics without a prescription.

Megwa was arrested for a second time last month and brought up on two additional diversion charges after police said she sold several hydrocodone and alprazolam pills to an informant.

Denton police Investigator Rachel Fleming said Friday that no additional charges related to the investigation were pending.

“I am still swimming through the boxes of evidence seized during the search warrants,” Fleming said. “If I happen to come across anything, I might pursue it, but I am really just trying to prepare the case for the district attorney so we may present to the grand jury for an indictment.”

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