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NTTA TollTages good for OTA PIKEPASS lanes

North Texas Tollway Authority TollTags can now be used to pay tolls on the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s PIKEPASS lanes.

North Texas Tollway Authority customers will be able to use their TollTag at the same discounted rate OTA customers receive, according to information from the NTTA.

This change eliminates NTTA customers stopping and paying tolls at the higher cash rate on Oklahoma turnpikes. In turn, Oklahoma customers may use the PIKEPASS for payment on NTTA roads and TEXpress lanes.

Due to different technology used by each tolling authority, OTA will only recognize NTTA’s sticker TollTag. NTTA hard-case TollTags and license plate tags cannot be used on Oklahoma’s roads.

NTTA customers who use PIKEPASS lanes without a TollTag account in good standing may be treated as violators by OTA and fined $25 for not paying the turnpike toll. Cash customers must continue to use Oklahoma toll booths.

For customer convenience, NTTA will replace older hard-case tags with new sticker tags free of charge at NTTA TollTag stores, online at or over the phone 972-818-6882 or 817-731-6882.

— Bj Lewis