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Photos by Matt Garnett

Quints move in at UNT

Profile image for By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer
By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer

The Diaz family van was packed for a trip from Keller to the University of North Texas on Sunday afternoon, full of six kids and several suitcases.

Later in the day, the van was markedly less crowded. Parents Enna and Jorge Diaz helped move their quintuplets into dorm rooms at West Hall, and headed back to Keller with their youngest son, Sebastian, 13.

“I have mixed feelings — sad because they’re leaving and their brother Sebastian is going to miss them,” Enna Diaz said while holding a pack of pillows in the West Hall lobby. “But I’m very happy they are their own people and they are in the same university. I’m so happy and excited.”

The boys — Emilio, George and John — are in a three-student room on one side of the dormitory. The girls — Maria and Enna — are on the other side.

Unpacking their clothes on the second floor, the boys agreed they were happy they get to share a room with their best friends, and all said they look forward to the college experience.

“It’s a new chapter in our lives,” George said as he folded a pair of jeans into a wooden dresser.

They all chose UNT for different reasons, Maria said, and the decision to go to college together at first was kind of a coincidence. Now, they all think it will make their freshman year a little smoother.

“I’m glad that they’re in the same building as me so I always have someone to talk to,” Maria said.

The quints decided to bunk together on their own, Jorge Diaz said. Being in the same dorm also has helped ease their mom’s nerves. For example, the younger Enna has one class that finishes after dark this semester, and her mom knows that at least one of the boys will walk with her back to the dorm.

The boys’ classes will overlap slightly since they are all in the College of Business, but each one has a different concentration. Enna will major is biology and Maria in communication design.

“It’s a very good school and college, and they got what they needed,” Jorge said. “We didn’t need to go outside of the state; we found everything here.”

The 18-year-olds got help from the university. They have comprehensive financial aid packages with grants and minimal loans, which will help the family, their mom said.

Getting all five off to college was an accomplishment, Jorge Diaz said, even if move-in day was a bit hectic.

“This is what you plan for when they are kids. This is that moment, this is that day,” he said. “You expect your kids to go to college, and this is it. It’s a milestone.”

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