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Trains now roll to planes

Profile image for By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer
By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

Got a flight to catch and don’t feel like driving? The Denton County Transportation Authority and Dallas Area Rapid Transit have you covered with Monday’s opening of DART’s Orange Line extension.

Passengers are now able to catch the A-train at the Euline Brock Downtown Denton Transit Center, and with a couple of transfers on DART, make it all the way to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

“That’s what is great about the fact we have a regional transportation network, the fact these connections exist,” said Kristina Brevard, vice president of marketing and communications for DCTA.

Rail service to their respective airports is not something a lot of larger cities have, Brevard said.

“The fact the DFW Metroplex does ... that is really a big deal for our industry,” she said.

With the purchase of a $5 regional pass from DCTA, passengers can take the A-train to the Green Line at Trinity Mills Station in Carrollton, then to the Bachman Station just south of Northwest Highway in Dallas for a transfer to the Orange Line with service to the airport.

Brevard said the trip would take about 90 minutes.

At least one Denton-area resident, Kathi Tobin, commented on the Denton Record-Chronicle’s Facebook page that the length of time for the trip would likely keep her in her car rather than riding the rail.

However, Brevard said the train is a real benefit to avoid the traffic going to the airport and to save money on parking fees.

“Five dollars. You can’t pay that per day for parking at an airport,” she said.

Brevard said the agency is launching a pilot parking program that would allow for 24-hour parking for DCTA passengers at the three larger stations — Med Park, Old Town Lewisville and Hebron.

“If they are traveling for longer than a 24-hour period, they will be able to register on our website for free. It allows us to have information about the vehicle and owner so we know [the vehicle] hasn’t been abandoned.”

Brevard said those who park at the three stations without registering are subject to tow.

“We will have that program ready for release over the next couple of weeks,” she said.

DCTA staff did not have any ridership increase projections to go along with the DART airport service, but there may be a few extra riders, Brevard said.

“I don’t think we will see anything drastic, but it will be interesting,” she said. “I think what will really help us judge those ridership numbers will be the long-term parking registration.”

Brevard said that DCTA passengers will need to know that the A-train does not operate on Sundays and plan accordingly.

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