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Photos by Al Key

Fire consumes house

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By Megan Gray-Hatfield
This interior shot shows the damage to one of the bedrooms inside the house on Egan Street.Al Key
This interior shot shows the damage to one of the bedrooms inside the house on Egan Street.
Al Key

Yellow “do not cross” tape was strung about the skeletal remains of a stone house on Egan Street — all that remained of a Denton couple’s home after a weekend fire that claimed their three pets.

Kenneth Hedges, spokesman for the Denton Fire Department, said the fire ripped through the home on Independence Day. No people were injured in the blaze, he said.

According to a fundraising page, Lucas Eagleton and Chellas Fillingim lost their three beloved pets to the fire: Buffalo, a pit bull-Lab mix; Saga, a pit bull; and Koffin, a black Maine Coon cat.

Eagleton’s Facebook page says the couple arrived home to find the building in flames.

Attempts to reach the couple directly were unsuccessful as of Monday evening.

According to fire department call notes, a police officer was in the area on an unrelated call Saturday night, saw smoke and went to investigate.

Hedges said the department received the call at 10:45 p.m. Saturday, and when the first unit arrived, “flames with heavy smoke” were visible.

The home was a total loss with $150,000 reported in damage, he said.

Eagleton and Fillingim are staying with family and friends, fire officials said.

The last fire department unit didn’t leave the scene until after 1 a.m., and the cause has been officially ruled as “undetermined,” Hedges said.

Officials said the fire originated near the home’s hot water heater. The fire was not caused by fireworks.

Eagleton is a tattoo artist at Rebel Muse Tattoo in Lewisville, where his co-worker hopes to raise money for the couple.

To help his friends get back on their feet, Cody Hennings said he’ll do $200 animal tattoos all week to help. All proceeds from the tattoos will be given to Eagleton and Fillingim, he said.

Fillingim is a zookeeper, “and they both have a huge love for animals,” Hennings said.

Eagleton posted a thank-you message to friends and family on his Facebook account Monday.

“Thank you all so much for the support you have given over these past couple of days,” he stated. “I never thought I’d have to post a ‘thank[s] for the support’ message but that’s just how life works.

“If you have little ones, animals or children, please cherish every slobbery moment you have with them. Let them sleep on the bed every once in a while or give them a whole hamburger to scarf down. The ones who love you and the ones you love are the only thing that matters in this world.”

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Donations can be made at “Phoenix Fund: Help for Lucas Eagleton and Chellas Fillingim,” a fundraising page on

Tattoo artist Cody Hennings will donate the proceeds from $200 hand-size traditional animal tattoos this week. Hennings works at Rebel Muse Tattoo, 570 S. Edmonds Lane, Suite 101, in Lewisville. Contact him at 469-464-8806 or