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Al Key

Insight Denton: What am I supposed to do when I hear an outdoor siren?

Do: Seek shelter immediately. Underground shelter is best. At minimum, head to the innermost room of a sturdy building, away from windows and exterior walls. Then, tune into KNTU-FM (88.1), where Denton broadcasts its severe weather information, to learn more. (But if you hear a siren at noon on the first Wednesday of the month, don’t worry: That’s when Denton tests its 16 sirens.)

Don’t: Don’t try to chase, or outrun, the storm in your car. Don’t park or hide under an overpass. Don’t get on the roof to watch the wall cloud. Don’t take out your smartphone for a tornado selfie.

October can bring a “second season” of severe weather, averaging about 10 twisters a month in Texas. Are you ready? For more information on the steps you need to be prepared, visit

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

SOURCE: City of Denton Office of Emergency Management

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