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David Minton

Insight Denton: Are backyard chickens allowed in Denton?


The Denton City Council approved an ordinance in 2012 that allows city dwellers to own up to eight hens as long as they are kept in the backyard under certain conditions

The hens must be kept in a pen located at least 50 feet from neighbors and clean enough to avoid becoming a nuisance from odors and pests. A rooster is not allowed unless the pen is at least 150 feet from neighbors.

According to Lancine Bentley, head of the city’s community improvement services division, a homeowners association can add another layer of requirements — often more restrictive — that can be enforced. That means that an association can say “no” to backyard chickens even when permitted by the city.

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

SOURCE: Denton Code of Ordinances, Sect. 6-26, Keeping of Fowl

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