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Ex-coach pleads guilty

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By Bj Lewis

Terms set for man accused of relationship with former student

Dugan Walker, former Lake Dallas High School softball coach, pleaded guilty last week to a charge of an improper relationship between an educator and a student.

Walker received eight years’ deferred adjudication, along with a number of terms and conditions to abide by during that time, Denton County First Assistant District Attorney Jamie Beck said.

Those conditions include the surrender of Walker’s teaching license, 120 hours of community service at four hours per week, drug and alcohol testing and psychological counseling, which he must pay for, polygraph testing, and no contact, direct or indirect, with the victim or her immediate family. The victim was not identified, as is customary in cases such as this.

He is also forbidden from owning a firearm or possessing pornographic material, and is barred from any social networking site. Should he have Internet access, he is to submit to Internet and email monitoring at his own expense.

Walker was 59 when he was arrested and charged in August.

The girl, who was a student at the time of the incident in November 2013, told investigators she had built trust in Walker and described a “joking” relationship while stating they would exchange text messages. Walker, according to the affidavit, is said to have had the girl’s phone number since her ninth- or 10th-grade year.

Texts like “my wife’s not home” began sometime after August 2013 during the first semester of the girl’s senior year, reports state.

During her interview with police, she recalled Walker telling her to delete her texts from him. Then on Nov. 4, 2013, after she had stopped by the soccer fields to watch a game from the parking lot, Walker texted her messages saying “What are you doing” and “I’m going to swing by.”

According to phone records obtained by the police, investigators report 1,691 text messages were exchanged between Walker and the student from August 2013 through September 2014. In November 2013, when the two allegedly had intercourse, 608 of those texts were exchanged.

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