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Insight Denton: Do I need to get a city permit in order to have a garage sale?


The city does limit you, however, to three garage sales per year, with no more than one garage sale every four months. In addition, the garage sale can last no longer than three days.

You can put out up to four signs advertising your sale, but they can’t be larger than 6 square feet. They can’t go up more than 24 hours before the sale starts and must come down within 24 hours after the sale is finished.

The city allows one sign on your property and three signs elsewhere. You may have seen a garage sale sign on a utility pole, but that’s not allowed. The city prohibits signs on public property, including street medians, traffic and light poles and utility boxes.

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe

SOURCE: City of Denton Property Maintenance Code

 FEATURED PHOTO: The Dallas Morning News File Photo

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