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Heidi Klein

Insight Denton

Some mighty oak trees have fallen around town this year. What’s going on?

Nothing is specifically afflicting oak trees in Denton, according to the city’s urban forester, Haywood Morgan.

Mature trees can fall during spring and early summer storms, Morgan says. If you are concerned about your trees falling, Morgan recommends keeping an eye on the soil around it. The cumulative effect of several years of drought could be taking its toll.

“Any heaving or soil to one side of the trunk or any visible leaning of the tree” signals trouble, he says.

Care for mature oak trees by removing competing plants, including lawn grasses, that trap moisture and rotting materials and set up an environment for fungus. Keep the root crown dry and exposed to air. Don’t water any closer than 10 feet from the trunk, and don’t let sprinklers spray the trunk.

Another early sign of trouble is mushrooms growing around the base of your trunk. Contact a certified arborist for help. You can find one through the International Society of Arboriculture,

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe


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