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Tomas Gonzalez

Charity sock hop benefits Our Daily Bread to provide clothes for homeless

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By Rhiannon Saegert

Denton residents got dolled up and rocked Sunday night away at Harvest House for a warm cause, despite the hot weather.

Denton Friends with Benefits and Harvest House organized the Keep Denton Warm Sock Hop to collect cold-weather clothing donations for local nonprofit Our Daily Bread. Little Guys Movers volunteered to transport the donations.

Group organizer Mindy Arendt said she had the idea about a year ago.

“Last year, we worked with Giving Hope Inc. We were going to do a sock drive because it’s really important for the homeless to have new socks, but then we decided to expand it to winter wear so it’s more accessible,” Arendt said. “Then one night, I had a dream that we had a sock hop.

“We’re probably going to keep the donation boxes out because it’s hot, and no one is thinking about winter clothes yet.”

Friends with Benefits has been collecting donations throughout the month, leading up to the hop. The group is a 501(c)(3) that works to better local communities, schools and neighborhoods, according to its Facebook page. Every year, it hosts one event, such as a 5K run, concert or raffle, to benefit a local organization or cause.

Arendt said the goal for Sunday’s event was to bring in donations before the weather gets cold. All the items will be sorted, cleaned and checked before they’re given out.

“It takes time, so we wanted to give them enough time to give them out before it gets cold, versus giving it out when it’s already cold and they’ve needed it for a month,” Arendt said. “The same thing happens with water bottles in the summer. They need it when you’re not thinking about it.”

Local bands the Nice Up Crew, the Garage Underground, Kim Nall and the Fringe, the Carz and Swandiver played covers of 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s music, respectively. DFWB organizers Dallas Guill and Charlie Hunter, who also are talent buyers for 35 Denton, contacted the musicians.

“In most cases, it’s friends of ours,” Hunter said. “The guy who does booking at Harvest House, Steve Phillips, is the drummer for the Carz. We brainstormed about friends who had cover bands, reached out to them and it came together really quickly.”

Eliza Smith, who has lived in Denton for a year, said she’s always had a love for vintage clothes and music, and her “costume” for the evening wasn’t too different from her usual clothing.

“In my undergrad, I was in a swing club, and we’d basically have sock hops every week,” Smith said. “This is all music I love to listen to. Charity is a normal part of being a part of society. I brought an old winter coat. I loved it, and someone else deserves to love it.”

RHIANNON SAEGERT can be reached at 940-566-6897 and via Twitter at @missmusetta.