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Photos by Tomas Gonzalez

Arts and music awards show appreciation for local talent

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By Matt Payne
German Torres, left, Cristina Gonzalez and Miranda Tamez receive the award for their short film “Quince.”Tomas Gonzalez
German Torres, left, Cristina Gonzalez and Miranda Tamez receive the award for their short film “Quince.”
Tomas Gonzalez

What does it mean to be a Dentonite?

There’s a wide mixture of people in the city of Denton. People who were born and raised here, who’ve went on to live here for decades. There are those who came from afar only to fall in love with a city more than 120,000 people call home. And these thousands have recognized the wealth of talent between each other.

Those behind local arts and culture blog the Dentonite lit up Campus Theatre Saturday night and attracted hundreds for the first Denton Arts and Music Awards. Awards were given in 41 art and music categories with live performances by 7Feathers, The Single Issues, Jesus Chris + The Beetles, and Ratchet Ass Wooda.

“It’s like a big family reunion, living here for five years,” said Matt Grigsby, member of Levi Cobb and the Big Smoke, winner of the best country act award.

The 2017 DAM Awards was a lighthearted affair with plenty of drinks and banter. Although the show drew criticism from some locals, labeling it as a flood of participation trophies, art director Brittney Keeton took the stage expressed her gratitude.

And she did not give a DAM.

“Not-so-nice things have been said,” Keeton said. “But it’s really nice to see everyone come to appreciate each other.”


Winners of the 2017 Denton Arts and Music Awards


Mixed Media Artists: Kylie McLaughlin

Graphic Artists/Illustrators: Claire Morales

Painters: Bailey K. Chapman

Event Photographers: Ed Steele

Fine Arts Photographers: Ed Steele

Videographers: Wesley Kirk

Film Exhibition: Thin Line

Short Film: “Quince” from Cristina Gonzalez

Literary/Arts Collective: Denton Singer-Songwriters Guild

Writers: Joe Carr

Comedy Showcase: Denton Comedy Fest.

Comedian: Joe Coffee

Radio Station: KNTU

DJ: Kind Beats

Electronic Act: Felt & Fur

Jazz Act: The Boombachs

Country Acts: Levi Cobb and the Big Smoke

Classical Musicians: Leoncarlo

Funk Acts: The Boombachs

Hip-Hop/Rap Act: AV the Great

Pop Acts: Jessie Frye

Noise/Experimental: Felt & Fur

Metal Act: Shaolin Death Squad

Indie/Rock Acts: Pearl Earl

Songs: “Cosmic Queen,” Pearl Earl

Up & Coming: Sunbuzzed

Solo Act: Claire Morales

Mixtape: “Backpack Trap Muzik,” AV the Great

EP: “Me and You and You and You,” Kites and Boomerangs

Debut Album: “Nakamara,” Nakamara

Full Length Album: “Welcome to the Panopticon,” Brutal Juice

Sound Engineer: Michael Briggs

Recording Studio: Panhandle House

Talent Buyer: Matt Battaglia

Open Mic: Abbey Underground

Anti-Venue: Midway Craft House

Music Venue: Dan's Silverleaf

House Venue: Jagoe House

Most Notorious Moment: Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio closing

Dentonite of the Year: Mindy Arendt