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Argyle mayor faces challenger in upcoming elections

Candidates vying for local office are making their pitches to voters across the area — including Argyle, which has a mayor's race on the ballot — as early voting continues through Tuesday.

During early voting, voters can cast ballots at any early voting site. On election day, May 6, voters must vote at their designated precinct. For more information, visit

In the race for mayor in the town of Argyle, two candidates are on the ballot — current Mayor Peggy Krueger, who is seeking a third term, and challenger Donald Moser.

The following are the responses to a questionnaire sent to the candidates on why they should be elected. Their answers below have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Peggy Krueger (incumbent)

Age: 59
Born in: Lubbock
Education: Texas Tech University
Employment and experience: Loan officer

What are the top two issues, and what are your plans to address them?

Traffic. Most of Argyle's traffic congestion is NOT due to Argyle residents. And while we cannot stop the traffic, we can and must be financially able to improve our roads without negatively affecting our residential taxpayers and without compromising excellent service. We also want to keep our residents safe. To hire police, maintain our streets and keep the charm of our town costs money. Lots of money.

Argyle Mayor Peggy KruegerCourtesy photo
Argyle Mayor Peggy Krueger
Courtesy photo

Services. Our young people should not have to travel to neighboring communities to enjoy a park or practice for a baseball game. I will continue to fight for open spaces and will deploy the financial tools necessary and make sure they do not become an undue financial burden on Argyle taxpayers, including applying for more grants (we have been awarded a $500,000 park grant) and having any new development fund those amenities.

Solution: Argyle's financial future depends on responsible, quality commercial and retail growth of the Interstate 35W corridor. As commercial and retail opportunities present themselves, I will work to see that residential areas are protected with generous buffering and traffic-friendly transitions that push traffic back to I-35W.

Why are you the better candidate than your opponent?

If elected, it will be my third term as mayor, and the town's adopted manual has given a specific way we can keep 60 percent of our town in large tracts of land while continuing quality service. I have tried to be very specific on the plan to follow instructions we, as town leaders, have been given by the citizens of Argyle on where and how growth should happen. Again, I will follow the Argyle Comp [Comprehensive] Plan with the desire to keep commercial development in three areas of I-35W. With the completion of these areas, I believe our town will have the commercial revenue to sustain the financial stability and maintain the beauty of Argyle without over crowded residential developments.

My opponent has not stated what he believes in. He has said that he wants neighboring towns and communities to pay impact fees to our town for using our services, which is not realistic. He stated that he saw no need for parks as so many residents have large tracts of land. Argyle youth cannot even host sport tournaments because of the lack of parks and playing fields.

He continues to promise change for our citizens, but I have not heard his plan on how he is going to implement change or what changes he believes he can legally make.

This is a challenging time for Argyle, but is also an exciting time. We are blessed to be a highly desired community and my promise is to embrace change and lead the effort to refine our future land uses in order to reduce residential density, making sure we never lose the charm, yet allowing the commercial and retail opportunities to blossom.

Donald G. Moser

Age: 51
Born in: Dallas
Education: Associate of Applied Science in fire protection technology, Tarrant County College; licensed paramedic
Employment and experience: Forensic fire investigator, Rimkus Consulting; firefighter; police officer

Donald Moser(Courtesy photo)
Donald Moser
(Courtesy photo)

What are the top two issues, and what are your plans to address them?

Our rapid growth and lack of supporting infrastructure. To try to address that is to evaluate the expedience at which we are growing and why, and try to slow this down until we learn how we can compensate and not let development run us over. We need to control the rate and just how we grow and how fast we grow.

The second issue is the communication at which the council communicates with the town. We need to increase communication with the citizens and increase transparency so that the citizens are not surprised or blindsided by any development or issues that arise.

Why are you the better candidate than your opponent?

I feel like I'm a servant of the people, and by being mayor, I have the opportunity to serve the people just as I have for the last 34 years. Just because I'd have a title I don't feel I'd be omnipotent, all knowing. Nor do I feel like I'm any better than anyone else. I'm just the one that is spanning the gap for the citizens so they can feel comfortable and know that the town is being directed properly.