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County commissioners approve body armor purchase

Denton County commissioners approved a budget amendment request Tuesday for the purchase of $7,000 in body armor vests.

According to Jamie Beck, Denton County first assistant district attorney, the district attorney's office requested the vests for the Lake Dallas Police Department.

Court documents show that while the armor totals $6,913, the additional funds will "cover anticipated expenses."

Lake Dallas police Chief Dan Carolla said the vests will be used by new hires as well as officers whose armor is more than 5 years old. So far, two vests have been purchased and Carolla intends to buy more soon, he said.

Carolla said it's common for the district attorney's office to work with cities to purchase or offset costs for safety equipment, adding that body armor is the most expensive part of the police uniform and the district attorney's office wanted to assist. 

"I'm very grateful to the district attorney's office for helping me provide much needed safety equipment for my officers," Carolla said.

In other action, commissioners recognized Children's Mental Health Awareness Day and Mental Health Month, and renewed their contract for transportation of human remains to Howard Mortuary and NorCen Tex Crematory Services. 

Commissioners also accepted 16 artifacts donated by local residents to the county for "historical preservation, education, and interpretation," according to court documents. The items include a spinning wheel, a Santa Fe Railway token, utility receipts and a number of photographs from the Sanger area, and Western apparel, a 4-H award and photographs from Weldon Burgoon.