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McGraw had bipolar disorder, but police 'may never know' motive in killing

Ryan McGraw's mother and aunt said he was diagnosed with a severe form of bipolar disorder when he was 19, leading to occasional short-lived bouts of frustration over trivial things. 

However, days after McGraw allegedly stabbed his grandparents and himself to death at their Sanger home in the 2500 block of Wichita Trail, his mother, Krystie McGraw, said the killings didn't have to do with frustration. She said he had "adored" his grandparents since he was a baby. 

Speaking through her sister-in-law, Jaymie Massey, Krystie McGraw said she believes the incident stemmed from other aspects of his mental illness. 

Ryan McGrawCourtesy photo
Ryan McGraw
Courtesy photo

"What happened Saturday night has nothing to do with whether he was frustrated or not," Massey said on behalf of the family. "That's not frustration. That's mental illness."

Krystie McGraw, who posted a Facebook status about the incident Monday, said doctors changed her son's medication two days prior to the incident. But she said the family does not definitively know why he allegedly stabbed to death 66-year-old Gladys Greeney and 71-year-old Douglas Greeney.

"We may never know at this point," according to Sanger police Lt. Jonathan Perkins, who said he is still investigating the case.

Records show McGraw, 26, had been arrested once in Denton County in 2011 on a charge of possession of marijuana. But Lt. Orlando Hinojosa, a spokesman for the Denton County Sheriff's Office, said police did not take any illegal drugs or prescription medication into evidence from the scene.

"I don't think it has anything to do with drugs," Hinojosa said.

Ryan McGraw, a Sanger High School graduate, was also accused of beating a roommate two years ago at a Dallas recovery home called Soul's Harbor, according to The Dallas Morning News. His charges were dropped after he completed a battering prevention program, The News reported. 

Krystie McGraw said her son lived with her parents for about five months before the incident.

Denton resident Brandon Perry said he met Ryan McGraw in April in a group counseling session at CCD Counseling, in the 1500 block of Scripture Street. Perry said they had been in the same substance abuse counseling program, and Ryan McGraw was one class shy of completing the first seven-week stage, he said. 

McGraw talked about his abuse of prescription Klonopin, which is used to treat seizures, panic disorder or movement disorder, Perry said. Neither Krystie McGraw nor Jaymie Massey could corroborate the claim. 

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