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Denton County commissioners to consider approving committee to discuss Confederate monument

Denton County commissioners on Tuesday will consider approving a committee to discuss the fate of the Confederate monument on the Square.

County Judge Mary Horn said she put the item on the agenda Thursday. Dozens of people have been asking for the monument's removal at commissioners' recent meetings, but Horn said they did not steer her decision to put it on the agenda.

"I listen to them, but ... they are not the only ones I hear from," Horn said. "They're the loudest and the most vocal and the rudest, certainly."

The exact wording of the agenda item is, "Approval of establishing a committee to discuss the Confederate Soldier Memorial on the Courthouse-on-the-Square Lawn, and any appropriate action." 

A simple majority vote is needed to approve the committee. Commissioner Hugh Coleman, who previously said he is not opposed to the monument, already said he will not be attending the meeting.

He will be attending classes in Corpus Christi at the 95th annual County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas Conference, he said. 

"I've had my continuing education planned for months," he said.

Local activist Willie Hudspeth, who's been asking for the monument's removal on and off for the past 17 years, said the move is a step in the right direction. He said he and other advocates are planning to attend next week's meeting.

"This is the first step — to get something on the agenda," Hudspeth said. "And now, we're coming up with strategies as to what we want next."

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