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Letters to the editor, September 24

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Political self-preservation

Recent debate surrounding the Confederate monument on the Square has featured a notable outpouring of citizens who want it removed from public property.

Dozens of Dentonites have attempted to have their voices heard at the weekly Denton County Commissioners Court —  or should I say "circus?"—  with the ringmaster, Judge Mary Horn, presiding.

As of late, Judge Horn has made abrupt, unpredictable and illogical alterations regarding public commentary on the monument. Drastic reductions in public-comment speaking time and the number of those permitted to speak is an alarming muzzle to this democratic institution.

It is already difficult enough to attend these 9 a.m. forums, as many cannot take time from work to attend —  another obstacle to the democratic process.

Since Judge Horn and the rest of the court lack the intestinal fortitude to place the topic on the agenda, it is up to the people to bring civility to the circus by sheer numbers.

Contact Judge Horn and the court to have the statue-placement issue added to the agenda and addressed for the public record. The time to speak and act is now! Silence by the court is an act of shameful negligence for political self-preservation.

Democracy was never supposed to be gifted to the silent, apathetic or oppressive. Our citizenry cannot simply "live" in a democracy; it must live democratically. This requires courage, action and engagement.

Jeffery Felderhoff,

Editor's note: County Judge Mary Horn said Thursday that she put an item on the Commissioners Court agenda to consider approving a committee to discuss the fate of the Confederate memorial on the Square.