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Lake Dallas police search for suspected sexual predator

Lake Dallas police are looking for a man accused of exposing himself, stealing women's underwear and attempting to sexually assault a woman in her apartment, all between Feb. 28 and Sept. 27. 

The incidents are concentrated in the Ashleye Village Apartments, 155 W. Overly Drive, and the nearby Lake Haven Estates Mobile Home Park  at 201 N. Shady Shores Road, police said.  

Local investigators provided a detailed description of the suspect in a press release. They are looking for a black man, possibly in his early 20s, with a thin build, short hair, a skull tattoo on his forearm and unknown lettering tattooed on his other forearm. He has a thin mustache and goatee.

Police said he's known to wear a tight-fitting black hoodie and red Nike shoes. Two witnesses said the man asked them for a cigarette before burglarizing the homes, and he introduces himself as "Brandon" or "B," police said. 

Right now, he is facing charges of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit sexual assault, two counts of indecent exposure and two counts of burglary of a habitation, according to police. 

"With the way it's progressing, we want to prevent a sexual assault from occurring," said Lt. Vikki Chandler, a spokeswoman for the Lake Dallas Police Department. "Our main concern is to get this guy off the street." 

So far, no one has been injured, she said. 

Chandler said all of the incidents were reported in the evening hours. The first burglary occurred on Feb. 28 at Ashleye Village, where police believe he stole between $300 and $400 from an apartment. 

A neighbor saw him running down the stairs and out of the complex, Chandler said. The apartment owner had left briefly but returned to find the money missing. 

Police didn't hear about the man again until August. Chandler said he was seen masturbating while looking inside the window of a mobile home at Lake Haven Estates, located across the street from the apartment complex. He stole panties, bras and money from the same mobile home that month, she said. 

Chandler said police had received several unconfirmed reports of other home and vehicle burglaries in the neighborhood. Most of the victims, however, haven't filed charges with police, she said. 

"A lot of the complainants wouldn't come forward," she said. "We've learned a lot from the manager at Lake Haven Estates. He's the one that let us know about all the burglaries." 

The most recent incident occurred on Sept. 27 at Ashleye Village. Chandler said the suspect knocked on the door of an apartment, and when a woman answered, one of her two young children ran out. 

The suspect then entered her apartment and sat on her couch while she grabbed the child, Chandler said. The victim, who had just woken up, turned around and saw the man sitting down. 

"She said she was terrified," Chandler added. 

Chandler said the suspect reached under the woman's night gown and attempted to digitally penetrate her over her underwear. 

"She jumped up, grabbed the two kids and ran in the bedroom," Chandler said. 

The man went to the bedroom and exposed himself before the woman left with her two kids, Chandler said. The man eventually left the apartment without taking anything, she said. 

"I think he's just targeting random white females," she said. 

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