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Blotter: Three arrested on drug charges after pursuit

Denton police arrested three people on multiple drug charges Monday after officers pursued a man who allegedly threw a meth pipe on the ground while riding away on a pink bike. 

The incident occurred near the Carriage House Assisted Living center in the 1300 block of Bernard Street, according to a police report. 

Denton police first saw a man trying to hide a bag while walking away from an officer. When the officer tried to catch up to the man, he hopped on a pink bicycle and rode off, repeatedly glancing back at the officer, the report said. 

The officer eventually caught up to the man on Bernard Street and tried to pull him over for a traffic violation. The man, however, kept riding until he fell off the bike. 

Police said they saw the man throw something on the ground when he fell, which officers later believed to be a meth pipe. Police didn't find the bag that initially piqued their suspicion along the suspect's trail. But once backup arrived on the scene, they backtracked the suspect's path. 

The investigation led police to a minivan with a man and woman in the back. 

"The officer knocked on the window and when the man opened the door the officer immediately saw a loaded Springfield Armory 1911 sitting in plain view," according to the report. 

The gun had been stolen, police said. A more thorough search of the vehicle led to several items of drug paraphernalia and "5.2 grams of a white crystal substance [consistent] with methamphetamine," the report said. 

Police found a  bag in the van similar to the one the first suspect was carrying. The report did not specify its contents. 

The two people in the van told police that they knew the man on the pink bicycle, but they denied accepting anything from him. 

Police eventually arrested all three suspects, including the man who was on the bike. The report did not specify how officers caught the first suspect. 

The man on the bike was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. The other male suspect was charged with possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a firearm. The woman in the van was arrested on an outstanding warrant for possession of a controlled substance.  

They were taken to Denton City Jail. 

Other reports 

1300 block of Crescent Street — A 66-year-old man learned Monday that a phone call he received last week from a man who claimed to be a police officer was a scam, according to police. 

He said he received the call on Nov. 14 from the suspect who identified himself as a police officer and told the man he had active warrants. The suspect tried to coerce the man to meet him to "take care of the matter,"  according to the report. 

The man later received information that the call was a scam. No arrests have been made. 

3300 block of Depaul Drive — A vehicle stolen from inside a couple's garage between Sunday night and Monday morning was later found in a neighboring area, according to a police report. 

Police said the suspect appeared to have stolen a spare key from a vehicle parked in the South Denton home's driveway. The suspect then used a garage door opener to access the vehicle in the garage, according to the report. 

The suspect drove away, and a male resident of the home searched the area for the vehicle Monday before officers arrived on the scene. The man located the vehicle nearby and gave officers a description of the suspect. 

No arrests were made. 


From 7 a.m. Monday to 7 a.m. Tuesday:

The Denton County Sheriff's Office handled 977 service and officer-initiated calls for the agencies it serves, and 38 people were booked into Denton County Jail.

Denton police handled 154 calls for service and made nine arrests.

Denton firefighters handled 22 medical calls, two vehicle crashes and one call for public service.