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No weapons found after police investigate potential threats at Denton-area schools

Police didn't locate any weapons at two Denton-area schools Friday after receiving reports of potential threats. 

In Corinth, Crownover Middle School was locked down from 8:45 to 9:45 a.m. while police investigated a report of a possible gun on campus. Nothing came of the investigation, according to police. 

In Denton, local police interviewed a Denton High School student suspected of being a danger to others. But the person cooperated with police and was eventually allowed to return to class, according to Denton police spokesman Shane Kizer. The high school was never placed on lockdown. 

During the investigation at Crownover, Principal Charlene Parham said a bus driver told administrators that a student may have brought a weapon to school in their backpack. The driver said they overheard a male student on the bus talking about the weapon, school officials said.

The tip led to a response from Corinth police, who searched a handful of students' backpacks and lockers after the students had been removed from class, Parnham said in an email to parents.

"I share this with you because we pride ourselves on being open, honest and upfront with communication," she said in the email. "Like many communities, rumors surrounding such an incident tend to take on new life via the sharing of misinformation and social media."

Hawk Elementary School was also placed on lockdown as a precautionary measure because it's located near Crownover Middle School at 2300 Oakmont Drive, school district officials said. 

Around 8:08 a.m. in Denton, a school resource officer at the Denton High received an anonymous tip of a suspicious student who may be a danger to others.

Police interviewed the student as several other Denton police officers positioned themselves around the school as a precaution, Kizer said. The student cooperated with police and allowed officers to search through his belongings. 

Police didn't find any weapons, and the student was eventually sent back to class.

After a 19-year-old gunman shot and killed 17 people at a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday, the spread of copycat threats on social media platforms added to the already palpable anxiety among students nationwide, according to a report in The Washington Post. 

During the investigation at Denton High School, a school resource officer came upon concerning photo that had been circulating on social media since Thursday, Kizer said. 

The photo — taken by ninth-grade student in South Carolina — showed a boy with a black mask covering his mouth holding up a rifle. The caption in the photo reads "Round 2 of Florida tomorrow," but Kizer said the photo posed no threat in Denton. 

The boy in the photo has since been arrested, The Post reported.

Staff writer Caitlyn Jones contributed to this report. 

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