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Man dead after officer-involved shooting in Denton

A knife-wielding man died Monday after a Denton police officer shot him in a wooded area near the 2000 block of Spencer Road, according to authorities. 

No other injuries were reported, and the Texas Rangers are leading the investigation. 

Lonny Haschel, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said he could not release the name or age of the suspect. He also couldn't release how many shots the officer fired. 

Haschel said in an email that the incident started at about 3:15 p.m., when two Denton police officers were sitting in a patrol unit working on a crash report.  

The suspect approached the officer from the back of the patrol car and started yelling, Haschel said. He said the officers got out of the patrol car to check on the man when the suspect pulled a knife. 

The suspect, Haschel said, taunted the officers as he walked away toward a wooded area on the northeast corner of Spencer Road and South Woodrow Lane. While ignoring officers' instructions to stop, the man disappeared into the wooded area, Haschel said. 

The man, who was still holding the knife, appeared from the tree line again, Haschel said. It's unclear whether the officers attempted to follow the man into the woods or stayed near their patrol car. 

Haschel said the suspect was being aggressive toward the officers, so one of the officers tased the man. The suspect went to the ground and got back up, continuing to threaten the officers with the knife, Haschel said. 

Haschel said the suspect advanced on the officers until one of them fired their side arm. Police called for emergency medical services, but the suspect succumbed to his injuries at the scene. 

Denton police spokesman Bryan Cose said the officer will be placed on administrative leave because it's department policy for officers who are involved in a shooting. 

Cose said the department could not release any additional information. 

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