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On the ballot: Municipal Elections



Peggy Krueger

Place 2

David Wintermute

Kay Jenkins Teer

Place 4

Jeff Cantrell


Place 1

Carla Anderson

Place 3

Bill Scherer

Ryan Litherland

Place 5

Jim Langford

Bill Reaves


Place 1

Larry Berg

George Kendrick

Place 6

Chad Anderson



Paul Ruggiere

Place 2

Jim Mayfield

Place 5

Mike Amason

Bruce Hanson


Three at-large council seats

Wally Kille

Randy Wallace

Larry Fisher

Bruce Birdsong

Proposition: Authorize the creation of the Cross Roads Municipal Development District and the imposition of a sales and use tax at the rate of one-fourth of one percent for the purpose of financing development projects beneficial to the district.


Place 1

Kevin Roden

Place 2

Dalton Gregory

Alfredo F. Sanchez

Travis Trawick

Place 3

Brendan Carroll

Jim Engelbrecht

Griffen Rice

Place 4

Joey Hawkins

Phil Kregel

Proposition: To authorize the city of Denton to own, acquire, construct, maintain and operate a gas utility in a limited area of the city and for a limited purpose.


Place 1

Michael Walker

Joy Bowen

Place 3

Mark Wise

Place 5

Tami Ryan

Jean Levenick


Place 2

Jeff Cheney

Place 4

John Keating

Harold “Hal” Colvin

Proposition 1: The issuance of $8 million tax bonds for fire department facilities, fire fighting equipment and fire trucks, and warning sirens.


Three at-large council seats

Jim White

Todd Hickerson

Beverly Hickerson

Mike Schultz

Beverly Heimbold



Diane Rasor

Greg Scott

Two at-large seats

Adam Farguson

Stephen Chambers

Conrad Jimison


Place 1

Thurman Bridges

Place 3

Jeff Parrent

James Duff

Place 5

Michael Starr



Terri Wilson

Larry Lamonica

Place 2

Joe Beall

Place 4

Michael B. Wilkes

Special Election 1, Proposition 1: The adoption of a sales and use tax for the promotion and development of new and expanded business enterprises at the rate of one-half of one percent.

Special Election 1, Proposition 2: The use of the sales and use tax authorized under Proposition No. 1 for public park improvements, including ball parks, park facilities, and open space improvements, and the maintenance and operation expenses for such projects.

Special Election 2, Proposition 1: The issuance of $2.8 million tax bonds for a fire station to be constructed on the site now occupied by the city public works facility, and demolishing said facility, and relocating the public works department to, and constructing, a new facility for the public works department, and for the purchase of the land.

Special Election 2, Proposition 2: The issuance of $1.3 million tax bonds for a municipal library.

Special Election 2 Proposition 3: The issuance of $500,000 tax bonds for street and road improvements.


Place 4

Greg Tierney

John Gorena

Place 5

Raymond Daniels

Rudy Durham


Place 2

James Dominy

Robert Anderson

Place 4

Chip Norman

Proposition 1: The reauthorization of the local sales and use tax in the town of Little Elm at the rate of one-fourth of one percent to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets.



Michael Savoie

Peter Dewing

Place 4

Vicki D. Burris

Roger Sessions

Place 5

Danny Simpson



Jim Wohletz

Two at-large council seats

Tom Bahl

Barbara Bates

Chris Sweet


Place 2

Paul Young

Robert “Bob” Heuman

Place 3

Jim Porter

Place 5

Dean Cordell


Place 2

Ben Harris

Place 4

Lissa Smith

Place 6

Harry Larosillere

Fred Moses

Place 8

Sally Magnuson

David Downs

Cathy Fang

Proposition 1: The issuance of $43.8 million general obligation bonds for street improvements and the levy of a tax in payment thereof.

Proposition 2: The issuance of $27 million general obligation bonds for park improvements and the levy of a tax in payment thereof.

Proposition 3: The issuance of $12.5 million general obligation bonds for recreation center improvements and the levy of a tax in payment thereof.

Proposition 4: The issuance of $15 million general obligation bonds for public infrastructure improvements related to revitalization of existing commercial facilities and the levy of a tax in payment thereof.

Proposition 5: The revocation of $14.2 million general obligation bonds for a creative and performing arts center.

Local Option Proposition: The legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption only.



Ray Smith

Place 1

Michael Korbuly

Jack Dixon

Place 4

Meigs Miller


Place 1

Billy Ezell

Place 3

Russell Martin

Rick Daniel

Place 5

Scott Stephens



Cindy Spencer

Gerald Marshall

Place 2

Paula Woolworth

Paul Brown

Place 3

Patty Durkin

Deborah Haus

Michael Thompson


Place 5

Glenn Strother

Greg Lamont

Proposition 1: The Trophy Club 4a Economic Development Corporation local sales and use tax within the town is abolished.

Proposition 2: The creation of the Trophy Club Crime Control and Prevention District dedicated to crime reduction programs and the adoption of a proposed local sales and use tax at a rate of one-fourth of one percent.

Proposition 3: An amendment to section 3.02(a)(1) providing that a person must be 18 years of age on the date of filing for office in order to become a candidate for mayor or town council.

Proposition 4: An amendment to Section 3.02(b) to provide that the council shall be the judge of the qualifications of candidates for office, to repeal the provision in Section 3.02(b) that provides for automatic vacancy of office when a person is convicted of a felony or crime of moral turpitude, and an amendment to Section 3.04(b) to clarify that if any member of council is convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude while in office, the office shall automatically become vacant without any further action by the council.

Proposition 5: An amendment to Section 3.06 of the town charter which sets forth the authority of the mayor, including the authority to vote on all matters before the council, by adding a requirement for the mayor to present an annual state of the town message and repealing the conflicting Section 3.06(a) providing that the mayor may only vote in the case of a tie vote of the town council.

Proposition 6: An amendment to Section 3.17 “emergency ordinances” of the town charter providing that emergency ordinances shall be adopted as authorized by applicable state or federal law and by repealing the requirement for approval of emergency ordinances by the affirmative vote of four members of the council.

Proposition 7: An amendment to Section 3.19 “investigative powers of the council” of the town charter providing that the town council by an affirmative vote of a quorum shall have the authority to inquire or investigate into the official conduct of an office, department or agency of the town and repealing the language which provides authority to inquire or to investigate an officer or employee of the town

Proposition 8: An amendment to Section 3.21 “indemnification of officers” of the town charter providing that the indemnification and defense provided by the town to officers and employees, members of the town council or of any board, commission, or committee and volunteers shall be limited to indemnification for acts and omissions for which the town’s insurance policy provides coverage and under no circumstances shall indemnification and defense be provided for violations of penal statutes, private business of the individual, or any criminal misconduct.

Proposition 9: An amendment to Section 4.05(f) “powers and duties” of the town manager providing that a complete report on the finances and administrative services of the town shall be submitted annually to the council and made available to the public, providing for the repeal of the requirement that the report be submitted by the end of December and providing for the repeal of the specific content requirements for the report.

Proposition 10: An amendment to Section 4.05(0) “powers and duties” of the town manager to repeal the requirement that the town manager serve as custodian of all municipal records of the town council and providing for an amendment to Section 4.08 “duties of the town secretary,” by adding a new subsection requiring that the town secretary serve as the custodian of all municipal records of the town.

Proposition 11: An amendment to Section 4.10 “municipal court” to clarify that the town is required to designate a municipal court to serve the town.

Proposition 12: An amendment to Section 4.12 “clerk of the court” to clarify that the court clerk and other court personnel shall be appointed and supervised as required by state law and town ordinance.

Proposition 13: An amendment to Section 5.06 “canvassing and election returns” to add a phrase stating that any provision of the Texas election code that alters the requirements for the canvassing of an election, including quorum requirements, will control over conflicting charter requirements.

Proposition 14: An amendment to section 6.01 “scope of recall” to repeal that provision in its entirety, and an amendment to the first paragraph of Section 6.01a in order to repeal the language that allows the filling of a vacancy on the council by appointment and to provide that an elected official may be removed from office for the violation of any express prohibition of the charter.

Proposition 15: An amendment to Section 9.08(a) “submission to council” to establish a date before the first day of August of each year as the deadline for the submission of a five-year capital program to the council and to repeal the current requirement that the capital program be submitted three months prior to the final date for submission of the budget.

Proposition 16: An amendment to Section 11.12 “rearrangement and renumber” to revise the title of Section 11.12 to “renumber, rename, rearrange, clerical, typographical, and grammatical error correction” and to adopt language to allow the council to rename articles, sections and paragraphs of the charter and to correct clerical, typographical or grammatical errors within the charter that do not change the meaning or effect of the charter provision.

Proposition 17: An amendment to the first paragraph of Section 11.15 in order to repeal the language establishing a deadline of July 2012 as the date for the formation of the first charter review commission and adopting language to change the mandatory interval for the formation of a charter review commission from every four years to every seven years.

Proposition 18: An amendment to Section 3.01 “number, selection, term” to provide that the town council shall consist of seven members, a mayor and six council members, elected from the town at-large-by-place for a term of three years each, and an amendment to the second paragraph of Section 5.01 “elections,” amending the introductory sentence to provide that six council members shall be elected and serve, and also repealing the current subsection (d) and adopting a new subsection (d) providing that a council member elected to Place 6 shall be elected for a three-year term with the initial term of office commencing at the November 2013 election and expiring at the May 2016 election.

Proposition 19: An amendment to add a new section to Article IX “budget, finance and taxation” for the creation of a ways and means committee consisting of seven members for a term of three years to provide financial advice and recommendations to the town council.


Three at-large council seats

Wayne Stoltenberg

Carol K. Langdon

Michael Crowe

Rick Rennhack

Greg Goble

Unexpired term

Gregg Malone

Michael Barrett