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Three on ballot, but only two vying for Dish mayoral post

Candidates vying for local office are making their pitches to voters across the area — including Dish, which has a mayor's race on the ballot — ahead of the start of early voting that begins Monday and ends May 2.

During early voting, voters can cast ballots at any early voting site. On election day, May 6, voters must vote at their designated precinct. For more information, visit

In the race for mayor in the town of Dish, three candidates are on the ballot — current Mayor Bill Sciscoe, challenger James Bradshaw and former Mayor L.E. Clark. However, Clark has suspended his campaign and has endorsed Bradshaw.

The following are the responses to a questionnaire sent to the candidates on why they should be elected:

James Bradshaw

Age: 48

Born in: DeLeon

Education: Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Employment: 25 years at Bell Helicopter Textron; served three years in the U.S. Air Force — veteran of Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

What are the top two issues, and what are your plans to address them?

Annexation and possible growth along with future development. With the widening of FM156 and the town of Justin tripling in size within the next 10 years and Ponder growing as well, growth is coming our way. We cannot stop the growth, but we can ensure a business climate that reflects the wholesome community that is Dish, Texas.

Why are you the better candidate over your opponent?

Dish needs a candidate like myself so we can have a new perspective and outlook. We need a future we can believe in. I am honest, hardworking and reliable, and ready to serve our community with integrity.

Bill Sciscoe (incumbent)

Age: 62

Born in : Abilene

Education: Associate of Science, Dallas County Community College District; Texas Real Estate Commission broker; graduate of Realtor Institute, National Association of Realtors; pilot, instructor, airframe and powerplant mechanic/inspection authorization, Federal Aviation Administration; general radio operator license with ship radar endorsement, Federal Communication Commission.

Employment: Director, Aviation Maintenance, TMHCC; retired aviation tech rep, Bombardier Aerospace.

What are the top two issues, and what are your plans to address them?

1. Exceeding federal fire code flow rate requirements for legacy and future developments in the town. It is federal law, not an option. We need a water tower. And we need a big one for the health, safety and well-being of our citizenry. I have engineered and procured over $847,000 in revenue from outside of our community in the last six years as mayor. I am pursuing millions of third-party dollars for infrastructure development.

2. Holding all future development and developers responsible and accountable to federal, state, local laws and our subdivision ordinances. I have formed our Planning and Zoning Committee, which has groomed our ordinances. We have adopted the latest UBC [Uniform Building Code] standards, and we have contracted with an engineering firm, a town sanitarian, a law firm and a new building inspection firm. I have put a stop on bad developments. We cannot afford anymore bad developers or bad developments.

Why are you the better candidate over your opponent?

I know what I'm doing here, with proven excellent leadership, perfect stewardship and insightful administrative governance. I have 10 years of municipal government experience and over 35 years of real estate law experience. 

This town was broke six years ago, before I became mayor. We have now completed huge road reconstruction projects paid for in cash, paved parking lots, repaired roads and inspected gas well sites. We have zero dollars of long-term debt, one of the lowest tax rates in Denton County, balanced budgets every year, increasing margins every year, bank accounts full of money and zero turnover of state certified town employees. 

I have a proven track record of procuring outside revenue, paying down debt and taking care of the business of the town. I will not bust our budget or mortgage the future tax dollars of our citizens. I will build our future to code, on third-party revenue. I have led our fight through district court, the Texas State Court of Appeals and the Texas State Supreme Court. I will not take us back. I will serve and benefit you.