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Shady Shores mulls police contract renewal

Shady Shores' long-running contract with the Corinth Police Department expires in September, and some residents are concerned it might not be renewed. 

Shady Shores doesn't have its own police department. The neighboring city of Corinth has provided police services for the past 10 years. The Town Council is expected to discuss the contract for police services at its regular meeting Monday. 

The staffs in Corinth and in Shady Shores say the Town Council is fulfilling its duties in seeking bids for police services before signing another contract. At least two law enforcement agencies have submitted bids: Corinth and the Denton County Sheriff's Office. 

Resident Ann Falkenberg said she's concerned the Town Council will try to save money and cut back on police coverage. She saw that a decade ago, when Shady Shores had extra patrols from the sheriff's office, but not the kind of 24-hour coverage they have now from Corinth. 

"I live across from the boat ramps," Falkenberg said. "I've seen this before." 

Shady Shores may be small (population 2,790), but out-of-towners come to visit Lewisville Lake, especially in the summer. Last month, police made seven arrests and made reports of seven drug-related incidents in Shady Shores, she said. 

Another longtime resident Tom Spencer says he doesn't think town officials would cut back on police services with a new contract. However, he wondered whether town officials knew the average response time for different kinds of calls, how many hours or miles were patrolled in Shady Shores or how much of that kind of data they could expect with any new contract. 

"You've got to have some metrics to evaluate it," Spencer said. 

Assistant Police Chief Greg Wilkerson said Corinth officers have heard some of the concerns and are directing people to attend Monday's meeting. 

If Shady Shores decides to contract with the sheriff's office or another agency for police services, no one in Corinth will lose their job, Wilkerson said. 

"None of our officers' jobs are tied to that contract," Wilkerson said.

The council meeting begins at 7 p.m. Monday at Shady Shores Town Hall, 101 S. Shady Shores Road. 

PEGGY HEINKEL-WOLFE can be reached at 940-566-6881.