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From February 1911

Pilot Point oil find draws interest

W. B. Montgomery of Pilot Point was in Denton Tuesday to have an analysis made of a bottle of oil from the well on the J.M. Jones place northwest of that place. The interest in the discovery is strong, Mr. Montgomery said to a Record and Chronicle reporter, and it is believed that the quality of the oil is such as to make the venture extremely profitable.

The discovery was made in drilling for a water well. At a depth of only 58 feet, the driller went through a heavy rock formation and immediately thereafter the well began spouting flame to the top of the well rig. The flames died down, and the drilling continued several feet before being stopped.

"We will try to cut off the water from the drill hole," said Mr. Montgomery, "in the belief that the water pressure is pushing the oil and gas back into the oil sands."

He added that oil experts are very interested that the vein was found so close to the surface, ensuring its being economically worked.

County commissioners finish February term

The February term of the county commissioners came to a close Saturday forenoon. The members of the court went home after transacting a very heavy docket of business in their six-day session.

Tax Collector Hawkins, County Clerk Button and Tax Assessor Miller were ordered to make new bonds on account of the death of Capt. A.M. Bush, who was on the bonds of all three.

The court decided to stop paying for the telephone in the County Clerk's office, and unless Button decides to pay for it himself, the connection will be taken out.

In other business, the Argyle Telephone Company was given permission to place its lines along the public roads in the vicinity of Argyle and Justin; First National Bank was chosen as county depository, to pay a rate of 4 percent; ex-officio salaries were set for county officers; road overseers and election judges were selected; and the day for holding justice court in Precinct 5 at Bolivar was changed to the second Saturday of each month.




From February 1936

Denton repeals ban on Sunday movies

Amid warnings by opponents of Sunday motion pictures, the City Commission Monday night officially canvassed the returns as certified to them and passed a formal ordinance repealing the former law prohibiting Sunday shows in Denton. The large turnout this past Saturday voted 983-962 for repeal of the ban.

Statements before the commission were made by representatives of the Citizens' Committee for Sunday Observance, J.N. Rayzor and Rev. R.R. Yeldman, indicating the election result will be put to a test by either going into court or by seeking another election.

Club studies border

The literature department of the Shakespeare Club met Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Ben Boyd, with Misses Dixie Boyd and Lillian Walker assistant hostesses.

Two interesting talks occupied the program. Miss Bertha K. Duncan spoke on "Along the Mexican Border," telling of the first stagecoach operating between San Antonio and Monterrey in 1867, and of the first effort of Mexicans to re-establish contact with Texas following Texas independence, when a caravan of Mexicans arrived in San Antonio in 1839.

Mrs. C. A. Montgomery talked on "Romance of the Davis Mountains and the Big Bend Country," telling of the difficulties of establishing a colony because of Indians and slow transportation.




From February 1961

Denton missile site recognized as the best

They're the top missilemen in the whole United States.

The Denton missilemen won this honor after outcompeting about 250 missile units from throughout the nation in firings at McGregor Missile Firing Range near Fort Bliss last December.

Maj. Gen. Philip H. Draper Jr., deputy commanding general and chief of staff for the U.S. Army Air Defense Command, will present the Commander's Trophy during a ceremony at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday at the Denton Missile Site.

Following the ceremony, the Denton Missile Site will host an open house to the public.

Black woman first to seek election in county

A 35-year-old Negro woman today became the first of her race to seek public office in Denton County in modern history.

Mrs. Josie Jones today filed for election to the board of trustees of the Denton Independent School District.

Mrs. Jones told the Record-Chronicle she is seeking a place on the school board to improve Negro education in Denton. "Our school [Fred Moore School] needs someone to represent it on the school board. We need better physical facilities. We have no foreign languages. There are so many things we don't have," she said.

Mrs. Jones, a native of Decatur, attended Fred Moore. Her only daughter graduated last year from the school. She is a member of the Fred Moore PTA, homeroom mother for the senior class and a member of the Young Democratic Club.

County Judge W.K. Baldridge said it was the first time in his memory that a Negro has sought public office in Denton County.




From February 1986

Gramm, Armey meet with public at TWU

Denton and Wise County residents had the opportunity Saturday to speak with two U.S. legislators and discuss everything from deficit reduction to petroleum tariffs.

Sen. Phil Gramm, co-author of the Gramm-Rudman spending bill, and Rep. Dick Armey, a member of the "budget commandos," were in Denton to answer questions and hear the comments of area residents.

Texas Woman's University's Hubbard Hall dining room was filled to capacity with people anxious to speak to the two legislators, whether to praise, request help or criticize.

Gramm explained that the Gramm-Rudman bill, if it becomes law, is designed to make automatic cuts in the federal budget if Congress and the president cannot come to an agreement. By 1990, the law would not allow deficit spending, Gramm said.

Armey and his 65 fellow "budget commandos" are working to "get the national business out of the committee room and to the American public."

"I believe everyone who pays taxes wants spending reform," Armey said.  "We cannot afford to let money be spent foolishly."

- Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor

DJ TAYLOR resides in the Sanger/Bolivar area. He may be contacted at 940-458-4979 or