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Young inventors' work attracts attention

The McKinney Courier reports this week that Robert Storrie, 14-year-old son of P.C. Storrie, a partner of Forsyth & Storrie of that place, has built his own "real working steam engine." This calls to mind the biplane constructed about six months ago by the local boys' firm of Jagoe, Fox, Storrie & Co., which was operated with fair success here.

Young Storrie's working steam engine has attracted much attention. It is made from the following parts: The steam chest is made out of an air gun barrel, the piston rod made from an umbrella stave, while the piston head is made from the end of a broom handle, the check valve is made from an umbrella handle, a small sewing machine wheel is used for the fly wheel and a common oil can is used for the boiler. Although very young, Robert has developed great skill as a mechanic.

Two other members of the boy aviator company, Walker Jagoe and Raymond Fox, both of Denton High, have constructed the receiving set of a wireless telegraph outfit out on North Locust Street and have picked up parts of some wireless messages. A 64-foot aerial pole is currently held in place by wires but the boys hope to add another 16 feet. Using several books on wireless telegraphy, they hope to have the more complex sending unit in place very soon.

Jagoe is the one accomplished at sending Morse code but Fox is getting faster at it. Both are a bit slow in decoding received messages, so if anyone sends them one, the boys ask that they tap slowly.

Courthouse gets more modern heating system

The old hot air heating system at the courthouse since 1897, when the courthouse was completed, is being replaced with a more modern heating plant. The steam registers have arrived and the boiler is expected daily. The $2,331 contract let to Kenison Bros. of Dallas stipulated that it shall be installed by Sept. 25.

The old plant has time after time got out of repair and failed to heat the numerous large offices of the courthouse. Several offices were forced to purchase oil stoves during the coldest weather.

While very often "hot air" has been plentiful about the temple of justice, it has scarcely furnished enough warmth for comfort.




CCC camp programto be held at park

A program is to be given by the local CCC camp at the band shell in City Park tonight at 8 o'clock under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce.

Opening chorus is "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here" by Stanley's Orchestra; "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie," vocal by Miss Jean Stanley; a specialty act by W.A. Richards; a duet of mandolin and violin by Young and Schussler; "We'll Never be Sweethearts Again (Jack Stanley, composer) by Stanley's Orchestra; and Spanish songs by the Mexican contingent of the CCC. A three-round boxing match, Weaver versus Salazar, will follow.

Ad: M-K-T Rail Lines

No wonder, my friends said, take the Katy! Low daily fares: 2 cents a mile in coaches; 3 cents a mile in sleepers. For further information, ask the Katy Agent.

Mercury hits 112, setting record high

A new all-time record for high temperature was set Monday afternoon when the official thermometer at the State Experiment Station, four miles northwest of Denton, touched 112 degrees.

The previous record at that station was 110 degrees in July 1913, the year the station was established.

The blistering heat, from which no relief for the time being is promised by the weather bureau, is playing havoc with all vegetation, and is expected to cause rapid deterioration of the cotton crop.

NOTE: The next day's paper reported the temperature had actually reached 113 after press time.




Veterans' vocational school shuts down

Clyde Jones looked at the Hollywood-style bed he made with his own hands and observed: "I was just getting warmed up."

Jones is one of five men who will be affected by the closing of a veterans' vocational training program that began after World War II.

The program opened here in 1946 and offered veterans training in three fields - agriculture, distributive education, and trades and industry.

Classes were crowded during the years after the war. But the federal government closed the floodgates on its earn-and-learn GI education program in 1955 and fewer and fewer veterans were eligible to attend the classes, which have been conducted in an Army surplus building at the fairgrounds.

The school will close for good on Aug. 18.

Jones has spent the last three years learning to make furniture, and he has learned it well. The subsistence money he received helped him supplement his salary as a cook at TWU. Having also moved into a new home, he'd hoped to furnish it with furniture he made.

Now, Jones will keep on cooking at TWU and said, "It'll just be a hobby. Of course, I hope to pick up a little extra making furniture in my spare time."

H.O. Harris, Denton County School superintendent, has been coordinator of the veterans' vocational program. Walter Martin of Corinth has been the last in a long procession of part-time teachers.

Martin says the $20 per month for each of the five students is just not enough to keep the program going. He will be taking a teaching job in Austin this September.

Denton wins American Legion state crown

Denton won the state American Legion baseball crown with a 10-9 victory over Austin.

The local team meets the champion of the Louisiana tournament on Thursday at Memphis, Tenn.

Manager Frank Sawyer's nine went into the bottom of the ninth with a seemingly comfortable 10-7 lead. But after Billy Jack Stinchcomb got the first two hitters out, Austin began to rally and quickly scored two runs.

When Austin's Weise singled on a 2-1 pitch, Denton fans began to worry.

But Chapman hit a grounder to Denton shortstop Gary Shaw, who fielded the ball cleanly and threw to second baseman Butch Hundley for the force out - giving Denton the state championship.

Denton's new state champs will leave by chartered bus for Memphis, probably on Tuesday.

NOTE: The Denton team did not have a successful trip to Memphis, losing to the 1960 championship team from Monroe, La., in the first game, 5-1, and being eliminated by Panama in the second game, 8-6.




Time capsule for reading club party

The site for the Texas Reading Club "Birthday Party for Texas" has been changed.

The party will be held at 7 p.m. Aug. 12 in the Woman's Club Building, 610 Oakland St., instead of on the lawn at the library next door.

During the party, members will receive certificates from Mayor Ray Stephens. The certificates will be awarded to those who have read at least 10 books this summer.

A copy of Mayor Stephens' speech and other items commemorating the 150th birthday of Texas will be placed inside the library's Sesquicentennial Time Capsule. The time capsule will be added to the Texas Historical Collection at the library and will not be reopened until 2036, when Texas will celebrate its bicentennial.

All ages are invited to attend the party. Also included will be a Texas Sing-Along, entertainment and refreshments.

Children taught to cope when home alone

Last year, an estimated 87 percent of elementary school children came home from school to an empty house or spent a significant amount of time without adult supervision, says Theresa Grant of Flow Memorial Hospital.

To help children ages 6 to 12 spend those hours more productively and safely, Flow Memorial Hospital, with help from the sheriff's office and the Denton Fire Department, presented an eight-hour program to 30 children on Tuesday.

Registered dietician Kathy Butler gave the children tips on how to fix easy, nutritious meals and how to use kitchen utensils safely.

Jann Coffey of the fire department gave them hints on how to survive and prevent fires.

Children should know the location of at least two exits from their rooms in case of fire, Coffey said.

Deputy Wayne Northcutt told the children how to handle phone calls, people at the door, people who approach them and bicycle safety.

It is hoped parents will sit down with their children after the lessons and draw up a "contract" in which rules for having friends home after school, playing outdoors and doing school work are outlined, Grant said.

- Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor.

DJ TAYLOR resides in the Sanger/Bolivar area. He may be contacted at 940-458-4979 or