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Groups help children enjoy Christmas

Though Christmas Day dawned cloudy and with a misting rain falling, the spirits of the day did not seem to suffer noticeably, and if there was a child in Denton who did not have a peep through the clouds at the Christmas saint, it was not the fault of the Empty Stocking Crusaders or the United Charities committee.

Throughout the day on Christmas Eve the United Charities was busy delivering household necessities, groceries and clothes to those less fortunate. The Empty Stocking Crusaders spent the day delivering a big stock of toys bundled with notes from Santa to children who may not have been confidently expecting Santa Claus.

The fireworks part of the celebration was relatively quiet. In the evening, most of the children enjoyed their Roman candles and sky rockets though the rain only slightly marred the pleasure.

At the jail, Mr. and Mrs. Orr served the usual big turkey dinner to the inmates.

Santa Letters

Dear Santa Claus: We are little twin brothers. Please bring us a knife apiece with a chain and a gun that shoots a cork and a tin top apiece, and don't forget little sister. She wants a little broom and a doll. And bring us lots of nuts and candy and apples and oranges. Don't forget us, dear Santa.

Royce and Lois Jones, Krum

Santa: Please bring me a ring and eight handkerchiefs and I would not mind having that big doll.

Virginia Edwards

Santa Claus: Please bring me a doll, doll buggy, set of dishes, piano and all kinds of nuts, candy, bananas and apples.

Lora McKee

Dear Santa Claus: Will you please bring me an air gun, scout suit, train that runs on the track and some fireworks. You need not bring me any candy as I ate so much today it made me sick and I don't like it anymore. But I would like some fruit and nuts.

Charles Elbert



Children greet Santa Claus during visit

Santa Claus, jolly and rotund with his crew of candy distributors aboard a horse-drawn float was followed eagerly on the streets by scores of young admirers from all over the county as he paid a visit to Denton in the Retail Merchants Association parade Thursday afternoon.

Children of all ages lined the streets to witness the unique parade headed by Jack Skiles, grand marshal. High school students in elaborate costumes represented Old King Cole, Little Miss Muffet, Bo-Peep, Jack Horner, Mother Goose and other characters beloved by children.

Denton Boy Scouts served as clowns in a special section and Girl Scouts in full uniform marched in another section. Western riders, mounted policemen and a force of the Denton Fire Department, bands of the Teachers College and Senior High School were other features of the line. Miss Louise Fleming was the Santa Claus queen in a pony-drawn float.

Courtesy photo/Kim Cupit Christmas lights line the Square, shown in the 1950s, in Denton. View larger More photos Photo store

Santa Letters

Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy 8 years old. I have been a pretty good boy. I am in the third grade. I want a cowboy suit, machine gun, airplane port, football and some fruit, nuts and candy.

Your little friend,

Joe Normile

Dear Santa Claus: I am 5 1/2 years old and going to kindergarten. Please, I want a little lawn mower, doll, doll clothes in a little trunk, nail polish and sewing machine. And anything else you can spare. Don't forget other little boys and girls. Bring my cousin, Nina Jo Holmes, a lawn mower too.

I love you,

Carlene Garrett

Dear Santa Claus: I am a girl 9 years old. I would like for you to bring me a sewing machine, Mickey Mouse watch and fruits, nuts and candy.

Your friend,

Ranelle Crout

Dear Santa: I have been mother's little helper all year and mother says I have earned some nice presents. I would like a cowboy suit to go with my centennial hat and boots, a little airplane painted red, a train that runs around on a track and a tricycle with big rubber tires. Also please fill my little stockings with fruit, nuts and candy. Please don't forget my little friends.


Buck Seay

Dear Santa Claus: I have been a good little boy this year and minded my mother. I don't want much this year. I want a rocky horse, a big rubber ball that will bounce, a little red wagon, a Mother Goose book, a drum, a horn, a French harp, a little car, fruit, nuts, candy and firecrackers.

Your little friend,

Sandy Brickey



Police chief, integration spokesman talk

A student spokesman for the racially mixed group that has been demonstrating at a Denton theater has told Police Chief Andy Anderson the group will not give up but will abide by all laws.

For five nights, a racially mixed group of both sexes lined up at the box office, seeking the admittance of Negroes to the Campus Theatre.

Anderson said he told the spokesman that all laws will be strictly enforced. "I told him that we will guard the rights of the demonstrators, the rights of the theater and the rights of the public."

The spokesman indicated that the demonstrators will follow all laws. Anderson told him the laws require that fire exits, building entrances and sidewalks cannot be blocked.

The police chief added that the group had been told for five nights that they would not be admitted and "that is sufficient warning" to the demonstrators.

Anderson also indicated that any group that gathers to heckle demonstrators will be arrested for disturbing the peace.

Santa Letters

Dear Santa: My name is Eddie Clark and I am 7 years old and have been a good boy all year long. Please bring me a Johnny Reb cannon, a dump truck and lots of things to eat. Bring my little brother Mark a gun and holster, my sister Sue a bunch of games and my girlfriend Linda a doll because I don't have any money to get her one. We'll leave the back door unlocked so you don't have come down the

chimney and get all dirty.

I Love You,

Eddie Clark

Dear Santa: My name is Spunky Adams. For Christmas I want a road race and a Fort Apache and pair of boots. And I want a buffalo hunter. And I want a basketball goal. And I want a pair of spurs. I think you are nice.



Dear Santa Claus: I have been a good girl all year. I am six years old and my name is Joy Williamson. I would like a tea set, a baby doll, some games and a little purse. When you come to my house please be careful because I have a big black dog and he is real mean. But I love you so much I will tie him up. We don't have a chimney but the front door will be open. Tell Mrs. Santa Claus hello.

Joy Williamson



Proposed TWU-NTSU merger canceled

Christmas came early for Texas Woman's University President Dr. Shirley Chater this morning, with the withdrawal of a proposal to merge TWU into North Texas State University.

"This is a wonderful Christmas present - for the students and the entire university," Chater said. "I am absolutely delighted."

So are TWU students. Chater immediately called her staff with the good news and it spread quickly. Graduate student McKenzie Kosarek said she was in class when a student ran through the halls spreading the news.

"You could hear spontaneous cheers throughout the building," she said.

Chater said she feels the support shown by TWU students, alumni and the Denton community was crucial to the effort to kill the measure.

Dr. Derrell Bulls, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce board, said the decision was a "vote of confidence in the quality of education at TWU."

Chuck Carpenter, president of the Denton Chamber of Commerce, said chamber board directors were "elated with the news."

TWU President Chater added, "This tells me we have been persuasive about the quality and purpose of Texas Woman's University."

She feels that the battle is over and the school can now "move on to some of the academic issues which have been raised."

- Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor

DJ TAYLOR resides in the Sanger/Bolivar area. He may be contacted at 940-458-4979 or