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100 Years Ago



Park board decides to plant shade trees

Denton’s park board met Friday and decided upon tree planting as its first undertaking. It was only the second meeting of the board, which was recently created by the City Council and appointed by the mayor. The board is hampered by having no funds and no way of raising funds except through donations. It was decided to plant shade trees on the public school grounds and Mesdames A.C. Owsley, Waldo Blewett and J.R. Swenson were made a committee to solicit funds from public-spirited citizens.


Santa Claus Letters

I am a little girl four years old. Will you please bring me a big doll, a doll buggy and a set of dishes? Don’t forget to bring me some nuts, fruit and candy. Don’t forget brother and sister and all my little cousins. — Mattie Pyrene Wilson, North Locust Street

Note: 25 years later, Mattie Pyrene became the first librarian of the Denton City-County Library.


I want a cap pistol and some caps and a football and a harp and some fireworks and lots of fruit and nuts and candy. — Buford Burgoon, West Sycamore Street


Please bring me a train that goes on a track and a little horn and a little telephone, and I want my automobile fixed and some nuts, fruits and candy and anything else you want to bring me. — Harwell Shepard, West Sycamore Street

Note: In 1938, Harwell founded Denton radio station KDNT.


Please bring me a Stude­baker wagon and a goat to pull it. I want a bulldog, also, if you have one to spare. Please don’t forget to bring a harness for the goat. — Charles Elbert, North Elm Street


I love you. Please bring me a big sleepy doll, a little desk, a set of dishes, a pencil box ad be sure to remember my baby sister, Louise. — Eugenia Clare King


75 Years Ago



Santa Claus won’t overlook those on relief

Santa Claus will come, too, to those on relief.

At the WPA sewing rooms in Denton and Sanger the women are making all kinds of toy animals and dolls from scraps of cloth, buttons — odds and ends — that will be the envy of any child anywhere. The gingham dog and the calico cat side by side with gay plaid elephants, rabbits, giraffes and zebras waiting for Christmas Eve night.

The 26 workers plan to have Christmas trees at each shop sometime near Christmas day, Mrs. E.C. Powell, in charge of the project, stated Thursday.


Santa Claus Letters

Dear Santa Claus — Please bring me an air gun, Pop Donald and Mickey Mouse games. Bring me some books to read. Bring me a tractor set. Please bring me some Krazy Ikes. Please bring me some fruit, candy and nuts. Your little friend, Worth Jones, Aubrey


Dear Santa Claus — I am a little girl 7 years old. I go to school at Cooper Creek and I am in the second grade. I am trying to be a good little girl. Please bring me a doll, some doll dresses and lots of fruit, nuts and candy. Don’t forget my two little brothers and my cousin, Marilou Argo. Your little friend, Billie Marie Argo, Denton


Dear Santa Claus — I am a little girl 8 years old. I go to school at Plainview and help my mother with the dishes. I want a Mickey Mouse watch for Christmas and a pair of gloves. Your little friend, Maxine Prater, Krum


Dear Santa Claus — I have tried to be a good little boy. Please bring me a football. I would like some fruit, candy and nuts. I am a little boy 7 years old. Merry Christmas to you. Your little friend, Elton Ray Coffey, Lake Dallas


Dear Santa Claus — I have been a good little girl. I am 8 years old. Will you bring me some fruit, house coat, house slippers, sweater, doll, telephone, Sunday slippers, gloves and a purse? I hope you don’t miss my little brother and all the other little children. Yours truly, Annie Laura Slater, Lewisville


Sandburg warns students of future

“What is waiting around the corner for the youth of the world, nobody knows,” Carl Sandburg, beloved American poet, lecturer and troubadour, told 2,400 persons, most of them students at the women’s college Friday evening.

Speaking in a slow, deep-pitched voice, Sandburg read first from his new book, The People, Yes. Most of the selections from his book were witty and humorous and well received by the audience.

In his serious talk, he brought in the world conflicts now being engaged in and the labor conflicts in the United States, warning the youth of today to question everything, to know the why of all things and beware of propaganda.

He climaxed the evening by singing folk songs to his own guitar accompaniment.


50 years ago



Sanger goes to birds

Sangerites were running after pocket change Saturday — and the lucky ones earned every penny of it.

Eight guinea fowl were released from a third-story window by the Chamber of Commerce as a Christmas “Shop in Sanger” stunt. A dollar bill was attached to each bird.

Kids of all ages tried to catch the guineas and the ones making the catch kept the money. At last count, three of the eight guineas escaped the roundup.

Eager youngsters found this particular kind of fowl takes to the air with ease and when on the ground it often outdistances a good runner.

Several hundred persons jammed the Sanger business district for the chase.


Santa Claus Letters

Dear Santa, I am 7 years old. I want a bicycle & some boots. I want a flashlight. I want a puppet. I want a train too. I had two teeth pulled this morning, so I really do need two front teeth. Goodbye, Santa, and I will leave some cookies for you. Your little friend, Jerry Dooley, Avenue A


Hello, Santa. I would like a Barbie Doll. Bring Tom a plow. Sue Strader, Justin


Dear Santa, We are three little boys who would like to see you Christmas Eve and we love you. Joey, age 5, wants a train, skates, gun, puppet, racer set and Dino Dinosaur. Jimmy, age 3, wants a shovel, gun, truck, car, ball and shaver set. Jeffrey, age 3 months, wants a bottle, but you can bring him a teddy bear and rattler. We’ve been pretty good all year but it wasn’t easy. Joey, Jimmy & Jeffrey Dooley, Avenue A


Dear Santa, I am 8 years old. Please bring me some clothes for Tiny Tears and Barbie. Also, some new dishes, a pair of gloves, some slide house slippers and a Yogi Bear projector or a Viewmaster. I promise to be a good girl. Thank you very much, Jan Gilmore, Emory Street


Dear Santa, I am five years old and have been a good boy. I would like for you to bring me a service station, a big fire truck, a mobile crane truck, Fort Apache set, a cork gun and some fruit and nuts. Thank you, Donnie Henzler, Pilot Point


25 Years Ago



County GOP hears Bush tout father

A younger version of Vice President George Bush made a campaign stop in Highland Village on Thursday to stump for the “most experienced candidate running in a long time.”

George Bush Jr. addressed the Denton County Republican Party and told the crowd of about 75 that his father is the best man for the presidency because he’s experienced in government and he’s a family man.

“He’s a good man and he’s a winner,” declared the younger Bush. “He deserves to be the one to win this election.”

Bush said his father will support a tax code that advocates business growth, personal investment and savings, as well as being for better education and would make the environment a Republican concern once again.

The independent oilman son of the vice president said of his father, “He’s … earned our loyalty. There is no dark side to this man. He’s competent and steady as a rock.”

Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor


DJ TAYLOR resides in the Sanger/Bolivar area. He may be contacted at 940-458-4979 or