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100 Years Ago

From December 1913

Doctor: Scarlet fever disposed of in town

Denton’s City Health Officer, Dr. Piner, reports that the last case of scarlet fever has been disposed of by recovery and fumigation of the premises. Except for an epidemic of whooping cough in the North and West Side schools, and a few cases of mumps, the town is in good condition as regards general health.

The scarlet fever epidemic was confined to the south part of town and the Lee school. It started two months ago when a family visited from south Texas and their baby developed a rash. The parents ignored the doctor’s diagnosis and let others become exposed.

“Promptness in diagnosing and reporting by family physicians in charge of all cases enabled the health officer to stamp them out quickly,” said Dr. Piner.

Santa letters

Please bring me a mesh purse and a story book, and a little Bible to take to Sunday school. Don’t forget Wilbur.

— Jewell McKee, Denton

Don’t forget to come to Elm St. Sister wants a doll, doll bed, a doll buggy and some other toys. I want a cannon that shoots a cork, a tool chest and a horn and a knife and some firecrackers and some other things.

— Norman Bowen,

Elm St, Denton

I was fixing to ask you to bring me an air gun and bullets and lots of candy, but father said your candy wagon has a broken wheel and got stuck in the mud. Now if that is a fact, I am sure sorry, so you can just send me a copy of Robinson Crusoe by parcel post, and if you happen to run across an air gun, send it too.

— John Mark Gurley,

Bell Avenue, Denton

Please bring me a pretty doll, little wagon, shovel, and rake, and hoe, gloves, candy, and fruits and an orange.

— Velma Martin, Argyle

I am a little boy seven years old and go to West Side school. I like to study reading, writing and numbers. Please bring me a cement sidewalk and some good street crossings from the West Side school to Hickory Street, as I have to wade in the mud and water over my shoe-tops and it gives me a sore throat and I have to take medicine and daddy has to pay the Doctor’s bill, so if you have any walks please bring them to Denton and don’t forget where to put them, and oblige.

— Penrose Williams

75 Years Ago

From December 1938

Statue unveiled at College for Women

“The feminine form has always been chosen as the personification of beauty, of all things of service to mankind, liberty, freedom, justice, victory … woman has always been the moral citadel of these advancing civilizations,” declared Pat M. Neff, former governor of Texas, president of Baylor University and originator of the idea of erecting a statue commemorating the pioneer women of Texas, in his dedicatory address at the unveiling of the $25,000 Pioneer Woman statue at Texas State College for Women Tuesday morning.

A crowd of 3,000 filled the circle facing the music-drama library and fine arts buildings where the statue is located. The statue is of a woman clad in home-spun skirt and jacket, and on her feet the heavy hob-nailed shoes of frontier days. She has her left hand across her heart and her head held high, denoting she was unafraid of what her destiny might be — a symbol of stoic heroism.

Santa letters

Dear Santa Claus, I have always wanted a fire engine and a gun. Please bring me these. My little brother, Jack, wants a little car and other things that Gene and I get, too. If you do not leave him these, he might cry. Please leave us some fruit and candy.

Love, Olen Morris, Corinth

Dear Santa Claus, I like you very much. I am in the third grade, and I like my teacher. Will you please bring me a doll, doll buggy, a desk, lots of candy and nuts. Please don’t come down the chimney and get dirty. Come in through the door.

Your friend, Eva Marie Baker, Denton

Dear Santa, I am a little girl 6 years old and I have tried to be a good girl. Please bring me a doll with a pretty dress on and a little table with two chairs for Joy Sue and me. I want some fruit and candy, too.

P.S. I need a suit case for my doll, too.

— Nancy Jo Lyles, Egan Street, Denton

Dear Santa, I am a little boy 7 years old. I have been a good boy this year so please don’t pass my house without stopping. I would like you to bring me a football, marble game, boxing gloves and lots of fruit, nuts and candy.

Your friend, Tom Normand

Dear Santa Claus, I am a little girl 9 years old. I have been a nice girl, Mother said. So please bring me lots of story books, because I like to read, and a paper doll book, fruit and candy. Don’t forget my dear mother and daddy. Merry Christmas.

Your little friend, Mary Jo Stockard, Lake Dallas

50 Years Ago

From December 1963

Denton County agency helps at Christmastime

Thanks to the generosity of many organizations, about 300 Denton County families will have a nicer Christmas than they might have expected a week or so ago.

The families will benefit from help channeled through the Denton County Welfare Association, a United Way agency which attempts to coordinate the tough job of seeing that needy families are taken care of and to insure fair distribution of toys and food.

For the second consecutive year, the association is operating the Santa Claus Store — a project initiated by the association’s late director, Kathleen Henderson. Under this system, parents can come to the store and choose toys for their children.

In addition to helping needy families, many help individually or through organizations to remember students at the Denton State School, patients in homes for the aged and in hospitals.

Santa letters

Hello Santa. I would like a Barbie doll and a Tammy doll. I love you.

— Linda Cumbie, Justin

Dear Santa Claus: I want a million dollars in cash. And I want a M-1 carbine. And I want a big bad wolf game and some shotgun shells. I want some books that have names in this: The Marked of Zorro and Oliver Twist, Whit Earp, The Story of a Bad Boy, Song Book. I want a map, a desk, and a carton of cokes and a sak of diamonds and jewels. And a dollar for my dog Christi. And some pencils.

Sincerely yours, Kerry, Bartonville

Dear Santa, I would like to have a Tammy doll and some of her clothes and a type writer. My brother wants two guns and a holster. My brother is 3 years old and I am 8 years old.

Your friends, Kippie and Kristy Burgoon, Redwood Street, Denton

Dear Santa Claus, I would like you to bring me a horse, five cows, four colts and nine cats. And I would like a new purse. About two frogs and a fish, two deer and a glass of water, a radio, some turtles, a bat and glove and ball, a football and a pair of white bluejeans and a few skirts. And a saddle for my horse, a watch, new shoes, a new dog and a new Santa Claus. I am a girl.

P. S. I don’t really want a new Santa Claus

Your friend, Laura

Dear Santa, I want a machine gun, bowling pin set and a superman costume. Don’t bring a jet because I have one.

Love, Raymond Mitchell, Manhatttan Drive, Denton

Dear Santa, I would like to have twin dolls for Christmas. I also want a little play kitchen and dishes. I have been a good girl and I hope you bring me these things. My brother, Johnny, wants a wing thing and my little sister Becky wants some games and clothes. My sister Golda is helping me write this letter.

I hope you will write me soon.

— Vera Pockrus, Argyle

25 Years Ago

From December 1988

Report: County to close 11 bridges

A report released by the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation says Denton County must close 11 bridges deemed unsafe until they are adequately strengthened or rebuilt.

Rebuilding or repairing the bridges could cost $2 million according to Dennis Burn, county director of public works. Burn said he expects the county to move quickly to repair or demolish the bridges.

The locations of the bridges to be closed are as follows: Freeman Road at a tributary of North Hickory Creek; Sam Bass Road at Clear Creek; Waide Road at Clear Creek; the three Cowling Road bridges; Prosper Road at a tributary of Doe Branch; T.N. Skiles Road at South Hickory Creek; Blair Road at a tributary of Denton Creek; Elizabethtown Cemetery Road at Harriet Creek; and Old Alton Road at Hickory Creek.

Burn said the federal government will withdraw federal funding for any county road projects if the work is not done on the bridges.

— Compiled from the files of the

Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor