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100 Years Ago


From December 1915

War not affecting auto registrations this year

During the month of November, just closed, twelve automobiles were registered in the County Clerk’s office with only one car registered in the same month last year, which would indicate that the effects of the European war are not being felt here as much as last.

During the month of October fifteen autos were registered.

New registrations are as follows:

M. L. Simmons, Ponder, No. 881, Ford

V. M. Griffin, Hebron, No. 882, Ford

S. H. Griffin, Hebron, No. 883, Parry

J. E. Bates, Sanger, No. 884, Ford


Santa letters

Dear Santa Claus,

I am a little boy three years old and I want a horse and cart, some firecrackers, also some fruit, nuts and candy. Your little boy,

W. C. Orr, Jr.


Dear Santa Claus,

Please come to my papa’s and leave the things there.

A doll and doll buggy and a Teddy bear.

Dear old Santa, if you will, leave me a stove kettle and a coffee mill, and some mud pie pans made of tin, some chairs, a table and little men. I would like to have a big boat and a cart pulled by a goat. I want some skates so I can run, and tho I am a girl, I would like a gun. Don’t forget to bring a doll with a metal head. Some candy and a little bed. With love I will close my letter and from now to Christmas I will try to be better.

Mattie Cordelia Nelson


Dear Santa Claus,

Please bring a baby doll and a doll piano and a game that I can play. I also want a doll bed and fruits, nuts and candies. I am six years old. Your friend,

Frances McMath


Dear Santa Claus,

Please bring me a little pistol and some caps, a knife and a ball and candy apples and nuts, and please bring little Laurence a little red wagon and little red chair, and Santa, you need not go to the new cottage nor Cliff Cain, as there are none at home, nor never mind the dogs, as I have them up. Thanking you very much, Santa.

Curtis Land



75 Years Ago


From December 1940

TSCW girls aiding ‘Bundles for Britain’

More than 300 of the Texas State College for Women are knitting sweaters, helmets and scarves as activities mount for the Bundles for Britain benefit.

Student Council is sponsoring the Bundles for Britain drive, with boxes placed on every sign-out desk on the campus. Miss Naomi Boutwell, student president, explained that instead of a soft drink or a movie, girls are dropping nickels and dimes into the boxes for Britain.

Yarn is distributed to all dormitories as soon as it is delivered, and the girls are knitting all over campus.

Tuition for four British refugee students is being paid by the college with literary and social organizations on campus contributing to the fund.


Santa letters

Dear Santa Claus — I am a little girl seven years old. I have been pretty good this year. Please bring me a little girl doll with a pink dress on and a set of toy dishes and fruit nuts and candy. Please don’t forget my six sisters and brothers, mother, daddy and the children in war-torn countries. Merry Christmas.

Thelma Gladys Stockard, Lake Dallas


Dear Santa — I am a little boy five years old. I have tried to be good. Please bring me a cowboy suit and a Gene Autry gun and a big red drum and lots of candy, nuts and fruit. Please don’t forget other little boys and girls. Lots of love to you.

James Edward Corbin, Bradshaw Street


Dear Santa — We are twins, three years old. We would like to have baby dolls with lots of clothes in a suit case and a bed for each to sleep in. We need a new telephone so we can call our grandmothers.

We would like to have a set of dishes that won’t break. We are going to remember some children who aren’t as fortunate as we are and we want you to remember the others.

Love, Janice and Jeanette Parks



50 Years Ago


From December 1965

DRC’s Wick Fowler leaves for Viet Nam

Wick Fowler is en route to Viet Nam today, carrying with him a long list of Texans whom he hopes to contact while reporting the war for the Denton Record-Chronicle.

Before he left, Fowler took a parting shot at persons who demonstrate against U. S. regarding prosecution of the Vietnamese war.

“Freedom of speech is one thing,” he said, “but this is another. These people are providing a cheering section for the Viet Cong, and that simply inspires the Viet Cong to fight harder and kill more of our men.”

Fowler said, “We have a moral responsibility to support our fighting men to the fullest. We’re just lucky we aren’t fighting along the Trinity River, rather than Viet Nam.”

NOTE: Yes, that’s the same Wick Fowler of chili fame.


Timmy gets front teeth for present

Four-year-old Timothy Neu got his two front teeth for Christmas.

Young Neu, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Neu, lost his two teeth several months ago when he fell off a sidewalk while playing.

His parents said the two false teeth arrived coincidentally during the Christmas season.

He thinks they’re great, said Mrs. Neu.

Timothy, on the way to a Christmas party, commented: “They’ll [other children] be surprised.”

He likes them so much he slept in them on the first night.

NOTE: There were no Santa letters in the December 1965 editions of the newspaper.


25 Years Ago



From December 1990

Historian seeks Quakertown clues

Letitia de Burgos, an officer of the Denton County Historical Commission, needs help investigating a piece of Denton’s history.

Mrs. de Burgos is compiling a history of Quakertown, a black community that sprang up after the end of slavery in central Denton, whose residents were forced to leave in the early 1920s when the city purchased their property for a park.

Despite hours of research, Mrs. de Burgos believes the story is incomplete and is asking people to help her complete the story.

“What I need are stories. I want to know where the people lived, what they did, about their churches and schools.”

She needs information about and photographs of the various churches, fraternal lodges and other organizations that thrived in Quakertown.


Santa letters

Dear Santa,

First, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful toys that you brought me last year. My first Christmas was a lot of fun. I was a little tired from my long journey and slept through most of it, but you can bet your boots that I’ll be ready for it this year.

My cousin Christy has been filling me in on just what I did miss.

Help us all to remember the true meaning of Christmas, and the very special gift we were all given. I love you.

Mackenzie Rae Carlton

PS: I don’t blame you for not drinking the milk that I left for you. It was Similac. This year I will leave you the real thing.


Dear Santa,

This is what I want for Christmas: Little Sonic cassette corder, remote control car. I am six years old.

My grandma says I am a good boy.

Cody Eggleston


Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for what I got last year. I have been a good girl. I would like a big Panda bear, a Thin Ice game, a set of toy horses, a horse barn and a corral and a horse trailer. I love you very much and will have a treat for you and your reindeer. Merry Christmas.

Courtney Beckham


Christmas Gifts: I want Mhcineguns and every footBall Person there is and every Tiger video watch there is and every Nintendo game theiris.

Sergio Puga

— Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor